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India is a vast country that often creates a lasting impression on its visitors with its striking sensory, physical and philosophical assaults that is unrivaled by any other destination on the planet. It is a destination where every expectation whether it is spiritual, beauty, mysticism, poverty, cultural or bureaucracy will be outdone when you land on this extreme subcontinent.

The countries staggering diversity is outrageous and ranges from paradisiacal beaches to primary forests of teak and jackfruit trees and from harsh deserts highlighted by fairytale forts to the misty hill stations clad in tea plantations and dotted with British Club houses opening into the world’s highest peaks of the Himalayas. Its landscape shaped by human activities range from bustling metropolises to rural village life tilling land and planting.(image by ANDROS images)

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With its array of extremes,vacations in India are perfect for holiday activities including trekking through its deserts, mountains and jungles for the ultimate adventures.

The Himalayas range of mountains offers some of the best treks in the sub Asian sub continent. Its snow capped peaks offers endless mountain lakes, rugged rocks, caves, scenic valleys, glacier lakes, Rolling Meadows, meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls and dense forest. It is a haven for adventure seekers and its lure is simply irresistible offering numerous routes and terrains for the different levels of trekkers.

The Rajasthan region is one of the driest places in India dominated by the forbidding Thar Desert. It however the best region for desert treks on a camel’s back traversing the massive dusty sandy dunes, shrubs and visiting the desert villages along the way.


Costa Rica is sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama on South American isthmus and despite its troubledneighbors; it is a country that is peaceful and famous for its well preserved natural environment. It offers many exciting opportunities to immerse in its natural elements whether discovering new species, zipping across the rainforest or cooling it off in a volcano heated hot spring.

About a quarter of the country is preserved by in natural parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges and private reserves protecting over 850 species of birds, 250 mammals and with the worlds 6 percent identified species. It is a paradise for anyone who delights in the unspoilt natural world.(image by United Planet)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 3 GREAT DESTINATIONS FOR ACTIVITY HOLIDAYS - VOLUNTEERING COSTA RICA

It may be small in size but with its amazing diversities more than make up for its lack in size, from the rainforests and cloud forests to dry tropical and temperate forests, to mangroves, to active volcanoes to hot sandy Caribbean and Pacific beaches and to high forest clad mountains and marshy lowlands. In Costa Rica you always have to keep your camera and binoculars ready not to miss a moment with incredible nature experience (like this one).

Costa Rica is not all about serenity and quietness, with its diversity of landscapes and a rich variety of flora and fauna adventure tours are inevitable in this part of the world. It is a playground for adventures and numerous exciting activities; from rappelling down high waterfall canyons to hiking through its dense jungles and kayaking or rafting its crystal clear rivers and scuba diving, thrilling activities are endless in this naturally beautiful country. For those who would like to give back to Mother Nature, there are excellent volunteer opportunities to help continue the good work of preservation in several organizations.


When it comes to any kind of holiday, France is proud to announce that it has got it all from romantic cities to the glamour of the French Riviera and the splendor of the towering Mont Blanc. So when the days get shorter and the temperatures fall the mountains of France are blanketed in snow and once again the amazing France still has something to offer even in the height of winter season when everywhere else is freezing and dull.(image by SamoensChezMichelle)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 3 GREAT DESTINATIONS FOR ACTIVITY HOLIDAYS - SKIING IN FRANCE

It is Europe’s best skiing destination where the Alps (Europe’s greatest mountain range) at the French-Italian border reach their peak in the eternal snow at the summit of Mont Blanc which is over 15 000 ft above sea level. This is where the action is packed with thrills, adrenaline rushes as you crush the snow under your snow board and cruise down the frozen slopes.

The Three Valleys is the most popular ski destination in France offering the best ski areas in Europe for all kinds of skiers. The ski villages and resorts are combined with state of the art lifts that make it easy to move from one ski area to the next and enjoy luxury like nowhere else (see Consensio’s ski chalets!).

If you’re a winter holiday fan, this really is on of the best activity holidays out there.


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