3 Safety Precautions to Consider During and Before Paragliding

This is one extreme sport that has left many Para-gliders in the urge of wanting more difficult and amazing experiences in different parts of the world. Paragliding is an adventure sport that is exhilarating and can turn to be a dangerous game at the same time. Like any other extreme sport, the life of the glider is always in his hands. Having gained popularity in different parts of the world, this is an amazing sport that will never disappoint both the experts and also the beginners. Here is a list of safety guidelines that should be considered so as to bring out an overwhelming experience as you continue to explore the world;

Knowledge, Ability and Mental Strength

Before learning the basics mental strength is one aspect that will boost your capability in this amazing sport. Confidence and good attitude towards the game are the various features one should have. Ability is always created by practice. Fighting your place in the air which contains horrible conditions is not an easy task. Therefore, it is advisable to practice for endurance and physical strength which will have a great impact when enjoy your aero moments which are beyond explanation. A quicker way to enhance your ability is to take your gliders to a field and tirelessly work on your ground handling. For new beginners it is very much important to attend beginners’ classes which are vital in helping you learn the basics. Lastly, knowledge is gained through continuous research in the various websites, blogs or even books where one can have knowledge on the basics, flying, weather and also performing first aid.(image by PG Photography)

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Favorable Weather

This is the most important constraint to manage even for people with high level of experience. Bad weather can turn your gliding site into a deadly zone if the weather is not given its priority. It is always important is to watch the forecast on a reliable source before leaving for paragliding. It is also advisable to carry out the sport when the dynamic weather conditions are slightly constant to avoid lesser accurate forecast. Wind is the main factor whereby strong and straight wind can turn to be very disastrous. When the wind is blowing lightly, the risk of turbulence increases as the risk of been blown over reduces. Strong winds make it harder for one to tolerate other risks and things may go wrong very fast.

Good Landing Site

Visibility and accessibility are some of the factors that should be considered when looking for a good paragliding site. Irregular and rough landings may lead to fractured bones making it harder for the glider. They also increase the risk of turbulence and limit your emergency landing areas. It is also advisable to go for paragliding spots with visible wind indicators to assist you on which direction to take. For beginners, it is important to start with lower heights and positions yourself in the safest part of the air where you can still fly but not in the quickest place to get up.(image by Kathryn Ng)

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These are the most important safety guidelines which will guide you through this daunting experience. Others include getting the right gear, should consider going out with an experienced Para-glider, and always carry a knife while paragliding. You can enjoy the experience in the world’s best paragliding sites!


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