3 Sahara Desert Tourist Attractions

Sahara desert is the biggest and also the hottest desert in the world and sprawls over 12 countries in the Northern Africa covering over 3.6 million square miles. Temperatures range up to about 130 Fahrenheit in summer and about 40 Fahrenheit in winter. However, the unbearable weather conditions do not prevent it from thousands of tourists who come to explore this amazing jungle by storm. The Sahara desert offers a golden desert of sand dunes, rocks and the occasional prickly oasis. It is also a home of some of the oldest cultures in the world, so for the historians this is your little heaven endowed with very interesting things. It is commonly known centuries back as the place of civilization between the Egyptians and the Phoenician. All these features have made many people to participate in extreme tourism hence drawing the attention of every traveler. Actually this is the place to be, and here are the stunning that make this region a must visit destination;

Sand Dunes and Other Features

Sand dunes and sand sheets account for about 30% of the Sahara’s surface. The largest percentage is occupied by mountains, stony steppes and oases. There are also pyramidal dunes which rise as high as 150 meters, while the mountainous sand ridges range up to 350meters. Sand dunes which are also referred to as ergs are large masses of sand developed into huge hills that shift shape depending on the direction of the wind. You can hike the dunes or trail them by camels. They are mostly found in Algeria and some parts of Tunisia.(image by Michael Mellinger)

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Major Cites

Timbuktu found in Mali, Douz found in Tunisia, Ghat in Libya and many others town are some of which you want miss in your visit to this amazing desert. Though some f them have blossomed into modern metropolis, the Sahara’s’ cities offer the true glimpses of the desert’s past. The city of Douz is commonly known for hosting the annual international festival of the Sahara desert attracting thousands of people from all corners of the world. Cities such as El Aauin offer air conditioned retreats from the outside environs to the inner markets of the desert. On the other hand, Nouakchott in Mauritania also houses bustling market places and towering mosques worth visiting. Ghat which is found in Libya was once a stoppage center on the medieval Trans-Saharan trade route. There are many cities with histories that will blow your mind. Some were heavens of Islamic architecture and African trade; but they currently exist as dusty sanctuaries for weary travelers. This makes Sahara desert one of the attraction sites with many interesting features like no other in the continent.

Water Masses and Oasis

These features are referred to as the most fertile regions of the desert that make life around it very bearable to human life. The ancient Ghadames is an oasis of white buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage Site hence obtaining the title ‘pearl of the desert’. The desert also boosts of its main lifeline which is the River Nile where visitors can cruise through it and perform many activities such as fishing and boat riding(image by 31 BEST RIAD)

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These features are endless including the Atlas Mountains and many plateaus in this great desert. The harsh weather conditions should not prevent you from visiting the place; instead make it a reason for you adventure! Still exploring the world let us check the great Amazon forest.


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