4 Attractions Sites in the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon forest is one of the most popular rainforests in the world due to increasing attention given to the state of the world’s environment has sparked interest in ecotourism. This has attracted hundreds of travelers who want the home to myriad species of flora and fauna, containing 50% of the world’s biodiversity. Additionally, the hundreds of indigenous tribes living in this giant forest practicing ancient ways of life have also drawn worldwide attention. With a plenty of attraction sites, visitors have plenty of options from which to choose. Here are some of the most attractive and visited destinations.

The City of Manaus

The beautiful city of Manaus is engulfed in this giant forest and is endowed with beautiful sceneries of exuberant nature, ecological parks, endless green spaces, natural resources, museums, myriad of cultural attractions and many other lists of exciting features. ‘The Paris of The Jungle’ is the heart of Amazonia and one of the greatest centers of tourism in the continent. Visiting this place will create no regret; you will be amused by unique features such as observation of Meeting of the Waters, visiting giant water lilies amongst others. Safety is guaranteed and the level of convenience is at its best with eight airlines link this place to Brazilian capitals, and operate direct flights to Miami, Bogota and many international cities.(image by Night-Sky)

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Affordable Eco-Lodge Accommodations

Visiting this region the natural sceneries are not the only sites to have fun, comfort is also assured in the lodges you spend your nights in. the most common form of sleeping accommodations are eco-lodges. These are shelters constructed out of salvaged materials from the jungle. Visiting this place, the sights of bamboo bungalows built on top of stilts will welcome you as you enjoy world class services in these lodges that provide sustainable tourist accommodations, taking care to keep impact on the environment to a minimum. Most of these lodges have adventure guides who assist guests in planning excursions in the surrounding regions.

Amazon River

This is the world’s mightiest river flowing 4007 miles from the top of the Peruvian Andean Mountains into the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon Rainforest boosts of having the world’s largest river in volume of water pouring 8 trillion gallons of fresh water into the ocean everyday. This river has a frenzy of activities that will turn you on during your adventure and the presence of rare pink dolphin and a diversity of fish species makes an amazing experience.

Canopy Tours

These are the most exhilarating activity in the region where the travelers are engaged in tour involving climbing to the tops of the trees high off the jungle floor and moving from canopy to canopy via suspended rope bridges or zip lines. Canopy tours offer a cool way to traverse the jungle; however, they eliminate much impact of the environment. Rather than trekking through the jungle and damaging the habitats, travelers slip through the tree tops without touching the plants and animals below. It is an experience you should not miss out during your travel!(image by Upward Enterprises)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Attractions Sites in the Amazon Rainforest Canopy Tours

Hiking at parks and wildlife reserves, river cruises, and other attraction sites in the Amazon makes the ideal place to have a family outdoor vacation since it never disappoints! The list is endless but trying to explore the jungle will help you discover the mysterious things around. Changing the environs, exploring the North Pole is a good idea!


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