4 Best Ways to Manage Your Sex Life

This is one of the trickiest challenges travelers are faced with while enjoying their vacations abroad either with their children or even alone. It might seem a simple issue but when not given the required level of concern the results can be very disastrous. Going out with your partner and children to enjoy a holiday overseas, does not mean that all love related activities should come to a halt. The subject of concern should be how exactly are you keeping your love life going? Additionally, some travelers consider themselves as sexually active and cannot live without doing the act within a certain period of time. On the other hand, traveling as family is a rewarding experience but it is always accompanied with many challenges including how to manage sex with kids right next to them. Considering the following tips, here are some of the tips that will give an unbelievable experience and bring satisfaction in relation to family issues;

Travel with Your Babysitter

It may be done under a relatively high budget, but remember your love life is worth it. This is the holy grail of family travel that many travelers have not considered hence ending up suspending their sexual activities due to divided attention given to the stubborn children who require close supervision for their safety. This is mainly advisable for families with small kids or even single parents who may need a lover as they enjoy their new adventure.(image by Ed Yourdon)

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Take Precautions

Precaution measures such as taking contraceptives among others should be considered as one major step towards achieving a healthy sex life. It is also advisable to carry a considerable bulk of condoms when leaving for the destination of your choice. It is important to carry your local brands since condoms vary around the world and it’s always not a pleasant experience facing a foreign pharmacist and ask for them. For women, make sure you are stocked up with pills or other forms of birth control prescribed by a doctor from your local place. These preventive measures are very important since they assist during emergency and may help greatly to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Avoid Night Outs

It is considered to be the safest since all the risks are eliminated and the traveler’s safety is in his or her hands. It is a tip for single travelers who would wish to maintain their reputation and avoid sex related cases. It is important to watch your drinks and avoid drinks and snacks from strangers. These vices can turn to be dangerous since they can lead to murder, rape and criminal cases.

Learn the Rules of the Country You’re Visiting

Couples and single travelers (foreigners) sometimes find themselves in the wrong hands of the law, not because they are serial law breakers but because of lack of knowledge about the country’s governing laws. There are many cases of people been executed due to fornication in the beach or even just kissing in public. Casual sex is also looked down upon in many countries, especially with a local(image by Becky)

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Travelers should be very careful in handling these issues or else they may end up in trouble. Managing sex life is considered to the hardest test but replenishing your dignity is all that matters. This is not enough, experience is the best teacher. Get to learn, by trying; it pays. Lets take a look on the important basics about skiing.


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