4 Historical Attractions in Quezon City

It is the most popular city in Philippines located on the island of Luzon and it said to be the largest city by area in Metro Manila. It is said to have been built in 1948 by Architect Luciano Aquino during the term of Mayor Ponciano Bernado. The city is said to have drawn the attention of all travelers of the world due to its outstanding history, stunning features and the wonderful shrines and monuments which remain treasured by hundreds of cultures housed by the city. The place is said to be the main foreign exchange earner in the country, promoting the tourism industry in Philippines to higher levels. Here are some of the features that have all the reasons for one to make a visit in this Asian city.

Outstanding History

It is one of the cities with that the country is proud of and has shaped the history of the Philippines leaving an outstanding legacy which is unachievable to many. Here are some features that make a visit to this place worthwhile; driven by passion to attain liberty the Quezon people responded to the call of the Great Plebian to take arms and struggle for the country’s freedom from the Spanish colonial rule. As a sign of victory, they undauntedly tore their Cedula at the house of Melchora Aquino, an event which is currently celebrated as the Cry of Pugad Lawin. This makes the city to be greatly treasured by the Asian community around the world. Their struggle gave rise to the Philippine-American of 1899 in area which is part of this amazing city. Visiting this place, it is important to note that its one of the most respected cities in the continent and it will be great lifetime achievement.(image by Peter Bacani)

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Quezon Memorial Shrine and Circle

Entering this amazing city, you will be welcomed by the tallest structure in the region standing 66 meters tall and represents a fitting tribute to the founder of Quezon City and one of the country’s most respected statesmen- President Manuel Luis Quezon. Built in the heart of Rotunda Park, the monument has two museums housing memorabilia of Quezon City Mayors and priceless Quezonian items. The country has a memorial park that is considered one of the country’s premier landmarks and represents the people’s gratitude for the founder of the city.

Tandang Sora Birth Site

The remains of this memorable place stand tall as the place where the house of Melchora Aquino stood. Melchora Aquino is one of the most treasured heroines in the country hence branded the name ‘Heroine of Quezon City’. It was in this place that she took care of the wounded Katipuneros and provided them with food and shelter.

Melchora Aquino Shrine

This is one of the important sites which were built to commemorate the kindness and humanity of the city’s very own heroine, Melchora Aquino. Also known as Tandang Sora, the mother of revolution became famous for providing food and refuge to wounded Katipunerous when the war against Spain broke out in 1896. Located on Banlat Road this place should not miss out in your travel list to the Philippines.(image by Sidious Sid)

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Other features of the city include; Boy Scouts Rotunda Monument, Mabuhay Rotunda, Quezon City hall, la Loma amongst others; now you know the city, by making as Asian trip this city should be your first destination! Are you planning for honeymoon, don’t rush; first learn the travelling tips.


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