4 Reasons To Go To Argentina Now

There is no place in South America that beats Argentina when it comes to holiday or vacation experience. Traveling to Argentina will take you to a spectacular destination where you will enjoy a rich mixture of culture, heritage and cuisine. The Four reasons to go to Argentina are:

Latino dancing

Tango is the most popular dance style in Argentina. The dance originated in San Telmo neighborhood which is located in the scenic capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. This sensual and elegant dance has a rich history which makes it the symbol of Argentinean culture. Tango has been declared by UNESCO as part of the World Cultural Heritage to be preserved for posterity. There are numerous dance schools which offer dancing lessons to tourists who would love to learn the beautiful choreographed moves. Other popular Latino dancing styles are the salsa and milonga. In the modern bars and clubs many party-goers enjoy dancing disco.(image by Mon Partenaire Danse).

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Argentine culture is an amalgam of European and African culture. This mixed culture is easily identifiable in the literature, lifestyles, music and architecture of the country. The beautiful romantic Tango dance which began 100 years ago is the chief cultural marker of Argentina. The music played in the clubs and restaurants is a mix of local Argentine melodies, strong African beats and European rhythm. The other cultural symbol is soccer which is more of a national obsession than a game. Buenos Aries basically reflects European culture. The city is dotted with many galleries, art museums and an active theater community.

Moreover, the Argentinians are deeply religious people and most of them belong to the Roman Catholic faith. The national language is Spanish but English and seventeen other native languages are spoken in many parts of the country.


Make it part of your plan to stay in Buenos Aires during national events for the cool things to do. You will have a chance to watch the Buenos Aires Tango Festival held in February/March of every year and attracts around 200 top dancers in the world. During this festival, there dozens of shows, exhibits and tango lessons. In August you can participate in the World Dance Championship while in October you can indulge in the week-long World Tango Festival.(image by Pablo Martín Broqua).

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There are other festivals to enjoy in Salta city which is located at the foothills of the Andean mountains. When you visit in January you will be in for Fiesta Artesanal de los Valles Calchaquies, a memorable folklore festival. In the month of April the Founding Day is celebrated while in December, Salta is decorated and converted in to a Christmas city.


Argentine food is heavily influenced by cuisines of the Italians, Spanish, French and other European countries. There is a huge variety of staple foods such as stuffed pastry, empanadas, intermixture of beans, corn, onion and gourd; and chorizo which is a sausage made from meat. Argentines love drinking mate and eating barbecue especially the asado.

Attending the local festivals, learning the Tango dance, indulging in the culture and eating delicious cuisine will guarantee an unforgettable vacation in Argentina.


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