4 Travelling Tips for Backpackers in Europe

Backpacking has become the most frequently mode of packing due to its convenience and the level of mobility one can make while exploring the falls, cold deserts and the artistical landscape in Europe. Like all smart travels, backpacking involves enough organization to know where you are going, but not so much to sap spontaneously from your trip. Just because you are pinching pennies doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun backpacking trip. It might seem to be an easy task but backpacking is a daunting task that will directly determine your time in the destination of your choice. Having all the backpacking tips, you won’t regret, exhilarating moments are always guaranteed. Here are some of the tips;

Pack Smart

It is always advisable that, the lesser you pack the better. In this case this rule greatly considered. Over packing is not the best way out but carrying only the essential goods in the order of their importance is a good idea. You should have a good idea on how to pack, what to pack and also what not to forget. It is also good to remember that what you pack also depends on seasons so its important to have the full overview about the prevailing weather conditions. It is always important to get a copy of your important documents and leave the copies to avoid disappointments in case the back pack is stolen or even lost.(image by Patrick Gensel)

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Get the Right Backpack before Packing

This is a very important aspect to consider. The type of backpack will depend on the amount of commodities to be carried and also the financial capability of the traveler. It is said that a good backpack is worth the investment and always look for a backpack that has a strong internal frame and well padded straps for convenience. It is also important to get a small backpack that will enable you to make movements and don’t require a helper to carry it. Locked backpacks are also good to ensure that your stuffs are always secure.

Estimate the Backpacking Cost

Coming up with an approximate budget for your European backpack adventure is the best way out. In Europe largest expenses will be transportation and also accommodations which means that you should book your rooms on time and look for the convenient and the most reliable lodes or even hostels. To make it easier you should come up with budget days during traveling and also come up with a track of all the expenses to keep an eye on your expenditure.

Chose the Destination of Your Choice

This is very important because for backpackers life is not always easy there. It is said that Europe is one of the most expensive continents in the world for travelers. This should not scare you, choose Eastern Europe (Sofia or Budapest) for cheap excitement. Other cities in Europe which are considered to be affordable, relaxed, mind-lowing and friendly include; Brussels, Germany, Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. Therefore, you should do some research and come up with affordable places of your choice.(image by Greg Emel)

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Generally, backpackers are faced by challenges on how to manage their money. But considering all the money, traveling ad backpacking tips should make it easier for all packers. Having these tips you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Ever heard of paragliding? Get to know the basics


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Author: Shawn Leers

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