4 Ways to Exploring the North Pole

Being the commonly referred to many as the home of Santa Claus, North Pole lies within the most geographically northern most point on earth. This place refers to multiple places which offers amazing features and has inspired human imagination, scientific exploration and also political conflict for hundreds of years. It is where the earth intersects with its surface. It is found in the arctic ocean, where water is 13400 feet deep extremely covered with drifting ice 6 to 10 feet thick. These features make it one of the most unique places on earth, hence raising concerns for people who always dream to be in this wonderful place. The experience is amazing and some-what unforgettable. There are many places in this region that make you feel like you are on top of the world, but here is a list of spots which when visited you are literally on top of the world. They include;

Amazing Ecosystem

Plants surviving under these difficult conditions are truly a miracle considering that many human beings have tried also to reside this area but to no avail due to unbearable low temperatures that do not support human life. However, visiting this place you will be able to come across the most frequent above-ice inhabitants of the Arctic. These are the migratory birds (small snow bunting, fulmar, kittiwake and the Arctic tern) which cover the longest migration of any bird approximately 69200 km around trip from the North Pole to the South Pole each year(image by WildPlaces)

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The Island of Svalbard

This is one of the most common places in the North Pole known for its stunning landscape, amazing cultures, unique wildlife of polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes, puffins and several species of birds. It is a remote archipelago located between Norway and the North Pole and it comprises of several islands with Spitsbergen being the most populated. Recently many people have come from all corners of the world to call this unique and remote place their home. You will find Thailand Restaurant providing the best local cuisine of reindeer which is tender and fresh to eat. Travelers are always cautioned to be aware of dangerous polar bears and it is recommended to walk along with an armed experienced guide. Despite being dangerous, these creatures are the most loved and considered to be the symbol of Svalbard. Amazingly, the number of people is out-numbered by the large population of polar bears.

Arctic Cruises

Presence of small number of cruise ships is a clear indication that this amazing place is just like any other attraction site that you should not miss. Travelers are offered journeys to several points near the North Pole. These cruises normally take place between July and August when the weather is relatively warm and the waterways remain unfrozen. The places to visit include; Svalbard Islands, Green Island, Iceland and the Lapland region of Norway.

Santa Claus Indiana

The North Pole is believed to be the ‘headquarters’ of Santa Claus, in the pursuit of exploring the North Pole a visit to this place will bring the Santa’s feeling. This year all round amusement park features roller coasters and other rides, live reindeer, Santa sightings, Santa’s workshop and live entertainment.(image by Denny Gill)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 4 Ways to Exploring the North Pole santa claus

This is not over in the North Pole. The mentioned features which make this region a place to dream of. Try the expedition and you will discover more! Back to the wild adventures visiting Mt Everest is really a handful of adventures!


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