5 Amazing Facts about the Rastafarian Culture

This is one of the most amazing cultures in the world gaining popularity due to their staunch beliefs, local dialect, and amazing colors amongst others. The Jamaican culture has made the country host a lot of foreigners annually to find out the secrets behind the success of Rastafarianism around the globe. It is an Africa-centered religion which was developed in Jamaica following the coronation of Haile Selassie 1 as king of Ethiopia in 1930. Here are some of the facts unknown by many, that will make a visit to learn this culture not only a worth while encounter but will also fulfill your dreams of interacting with this famous religion. Truly, it should not miss in your must-see handful list; get to know the facts!

Amazing Culture

Rastafarian’s have no social custom for marriage in that, when a man and a woman are living together they are considered. Women in the Rastafarian culture are only made Rastafarian’s only through their husbands. They are also governed by three colors namely; green- signifying Jamaica’s vegetation, red- for blood of those killed for the black community and yellow- which is the color of gold represents the wealth of the Promised Land. The three Rastafarian colors have nothing to do with smoking ganja as many people believe. Rastafarian is as much as a spiritual movement, with revolutionary inclinations which their people strongly identify with struggle and oppression.(image by Andrew Ganz)

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Respect for Ganja

Before going into details it is very important to note that to be a Rastafarian it is not a must to be a regular in smoking weed. It is also not their center of attraction since they are Rastafarian’s who don’t participate in the act. Rastafarian’s firmly believe that marijuana is sacred and that biblical scriptures support its use hence the name Holy Herb or the Wisdom Weed. They regularly inhale marijuana to increase their spiritual and mental awareness but abstain from alcohol completely. Additionally, physical, mental and cultural strength is a core concept of Rastafarian’s, poignantly expressed in their National Anthem ‘Redemption Song’ done by Bob Marley.


Rastafarian’s are vegetarians and they normally don’t consume meat especially pork. They have also a specific meal known as Ital. though it’s always confused with veganism this diet of its own may change somewhat based on the denomination of Rastafarian’s. They also don’t consume any processed foods and any red meat. Generally, the main secret behind their diet is consuming natural foods which are goo to your health.

Local Dialect and Cool Music

They have gained popularity through interest in their inspiring reggae music, with over one million adherents. Close sources say that reggae is not really Rastafarian music but it is only associated with Bob Marley. Nyabingi is the original Rastafarian music consisting of chanting and drumming to induce a trance-like estate.(image by Revolution.Rock)

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Rastafarian’s believe that blacks or indigenous Africans are the chosen people of God that have been oppressed because of colonization. Rastafarian movement is not a highly organized religion and unlike most faiths, it has no churches, hierarchy, temporal or pastoral leaders.

Rastafarian’s are also identified by their natural dreadlocks and women are not allowed to expose their hair in public. You may want to hear more about the traditions of the great Jamaican culture, but a visit to see this great culture has all the answers. Have a look on the traveling tips for backpackers in Europe .


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