5 Best Dive Sites in the World

Anybody who is a fan of scuba diving will need to uncover the top worldwide destinations to dive. If you know where the best dive spots in the world are, then you can plan your family holidays around them. There are some stunning dives around sunken wrecks, coral reefs and beautiful underwater habitats, you will really want to know where each of these are. This article will look at some of the best dive sites in the world.

1. SS Yongala Wreck – Queensland Australia

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This is a very impressive shipwreck which is considered as the best diving site by many scuba divers wanting to explore a shipwreck. This site is teaming with the most aquatic life in the area. The ship sank in 1911 and was carrying 124 passengers at the time. The wreck is 110 meters long and can be found at 25 to 35 meters deep. The best time to visit is winter when you might be lucky enough to see some minke whales.(image by Paulo and Andrea).

2. Gordon’s Rock – The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos islands are almost completely isolated volcanic rocks and this means that the animals here are different and quite often unique. Diving around the islands is a great way to see a varied and large range of different animals and fish. Diving here is quite challenging and the water can be cold. Make sure you wear a thick wetsuit to keep you warm and dive with a guide for the best chance of seeing whale sharks.

3. Manchones Reef – Mexico

Diving around a reef is a great way to see lots of fish and other wildlife. This is the best coral reef dive site around. This is actually a manmade reef which is made from 60 different sculptures which have been put here by Jason decades Taylor. There are many different statues, including a replica of a Volkswagen beetle, all of these make it a very interesting and unique dive. There are many rays and eels which have moved into the reef as it offers them lots of protection.

4. Cocklebiddy Cave – Australia

This is a unique dive site because it’s the longest cave passage currently known about in the world. It is a difficult dive site and only recommended for experienced divers. This can be a dangerous site to dive if you aren’t sure what you are doing. This is a very exciting place to dive, as long as you’re not claustrophobic. There is a honeycomb of caves in the area, including some dry cave areas. You will feel like a real explorer uncovering secrets for the first time.

In fact, only around 100 people have ever entered this network of caves. This means that you could quite easily find something that nobody has ever seen before. This is a must visit destination for anyone who wants to explore.

5. Yonaguni Jima, Japan

World travel agency www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Yonaguni Jima, Japan Dive Sites in the World

This is an ancient site which is thought to be the location of a sunken city some 2,000 years ago. This is a fascinating dive sites because they are lots of unique features down here, including a pyramid like structures which look similar to the pyramids in Egypt. This is a fascinating dive, why not try it yourself.(image by Farhat Jah).

This article has looked at 5 of the best dive sites in the world, although there are also plenty of others to choose from. Whenever you are visiting a new country it’s worth doing some research to find the best dive sites near by.


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Author: Shawn Leers

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