5 Best Family Restaurants Appealing Thailand Trip

Bangkok is a food heaven. It gives one a great experience of taste variety that guarantees to delight their taste buds. Eating options in Thailand are limitless, because Thailand produces a great blend of sweet, sour and spicy taste in uncountable forms. Below are mentioned some of the excellent Thai-style dines for families on holiday trip to Thailand.

Whale’s belly Restaurant

Whale’s Belly is a lavish luxurious restaurant, exceptionally good regarding environment, cuisine, services and comfort. The kitchen of Whale’s Belly is supervised by a young, trained chef of Bangkok. The food ingredients used are imported to ensure food quality and restaurant’s reputation.(image by business_traveler_1818).

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Address: 39 Boulevard Tower, 2nd floor, Sukhumvit Soi, 39, Sukhumvit Road.

Eat Me-Restaurant and Gallery

Eat Me-Restaurant serves the best of mouth watering continental cuisines, drinks and desserts.  This restaurant promises the irresistible taste and excellent upscale dining. The best seating is in the balcony where you’ll find yourself surrounded by bamboos and you will be able to hear soft music floating up from below. Once you spend an evening in the comfortable environment of Eat Me, you’ll definitely love to come back here again and again.

Address: half way down Soi Convent, with Sathorn at one end of the road and Silom at the other.

Soul Food Restaurant

This is one of the best running Thai restaurants and it’s run by an American. Soul Food is a cozy comfy wood lined restaurant. It serves best of the regional foods. The restaurant is arranged and maintained simple-on the ground floor you’ll find a fancy bar, where you can simply drag a stool and grab a beer. Issan chicken wings are grilled and served with a side of sweet chili sauce and syrupy sour naam jim – a blend of chili, fish sauce, vinegar and sugar. For a snack from southern Thailand try the crispy samosas, a jumble of chicken and cumin served with mint and yogurt dip. These are some of the mouth watering items you should try while your trip to Thailand.(image by Sri Panwa Phuket).

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Soul Food Restaurant Family Restaurants Appealing Thailand Trip

Address: Thong Lor, 5 minutes walk from BTS.

Steve Café and Cuisine

Steve cafe and Cuisine is one the best hidden restaurants of Bangkok located by the river side, away from busy city streets. Since it is a new restaurant, people don’t know much about it, but the ones who have experienced it guarantee its irresistible taste and quality cuisine. You will definitely love to discover such secret little areas.

Le Du Restaurant and Wine Bar

Le Du restaurant is a new emerging restaurant on the culinary scene of Bangkok. It has a calculated sobriety to make you feel comfortable as soon as you step in. the crew and chef staff is very friendly, with very good spoken English to make the communication more easier between the staff and customers. It serves both the green food and high class cuisine.


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