5 Cool Waterfalls In Southeast Asia

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Nature offers some of the best recreation features. Among such features, waterfalls offer great sceneries that anyone would love seeing. Southeast Asia offers some of the best waterfalls to view. Visitors thronging Southeast Asia get the chance of touring waterfalls across Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Laos. Here are the 5 coolest waterfalls in Southeast Asia:Erawan WaterfallErawan Waterfall is located in western Thailand. It is situated in Erawan National Park in the Tenasserim Hills. Thailand boasts as having some of the best waterfalls in Southeast Asia. This waterfall boasts as the major tourist attraction in the 550 sq KM park. The park is named after erewan. Erewan is a white elephant believed to have three heads in Hindu myths. Erawan falls are arranged in tiers, totaling 7 in total. There are paths visitors can walk through and even go up the cliff. Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the pools of the fall. Tourists visiting Erawan falls also get the chance to see amazing limestone formations such as stalagmites and stalactites.

Kawasan Waterfalls

Kawasan Falls boasts as one of the best falls to visit in the Philippines. It is located southwest of Cebu City in Cebu Island. The waterfall is situated in Barangay Matutinao Mountains. The falls are three in number and are all walking distance from each other. The first Kawasan fall is the largest of the three falls.

Nine Level Waterfalls

Nine Level Waterfalls is located in North Bengkulu province of Indonesia. It is one of the most preferred sites for visiting by both local and international tourists in Indonesia. Its uniqueness makes it a major tourist attraction and one of the best waterfalls to visit in Southeast Asia. The falls offer an amazing scenario where water falls from the top of the hill that has nine levels downwards. This natural scenery is located in a protected forest and is an ideal place for outdoor adventure.

Chiling Falls

Chilling Falls, located in Kuala Kubu Baru, boats as the top preferred falls to visit in Malaysia, southeast Asia. Reaching the falls is an adventure whereby visitors ford through five rivers and take a hike through the jungle. The lowest part of the waterfall is awesome for a splash and has a large swimming hole. The toughness of accessing the falls makes them very favorable to tourists who love challenges and adventure. Tranquility can be realized by climbing to the upper falls but care should be taken during rainy seasons.

Jurong Falls

Jurong Falls boasts as one of the tallest artificial waterfalls globally. Jurong Falls are located in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. The waterfall is 98 ft tall, with lots of water plunging over the cliff at high speed. The falling water circles through a stream which has amazing meanders. The water cascades down the stream over a number of levels. This creates an ideal natural environment for fish, water birds, and water plants. The waterfall is located in a rainforest environment, making it a major tourist attraction site in Singapore.

With such amazing waterfalls in Southeast Asia, nature lovers would always be lost for choice of the waterfalls to visit.

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