5 Great Attractions to Visit in Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is located around 1500 meters above sea level at the remote northwest mountains of Vietnam. It is famous for its rugged scenery, rich culture, monuments and history. It is an incredibly beautiful town which lies in near the Chinese-Vietnam boarder at the Hoang Lien Son Mountains. It hosts several hill tribes, lush vegetation, rice terraces deep valleys. It has recently become a tourist hotspot due to its unique nature and peculiar features.

Here are the top five attractions in Sapa

Yang Prong Cham Tower

This is the only Cap tower within the central highlands. It is located in the Ea Sup District, around 100 km from Buon Ma Thuot. This tower was constructed towards the end of the 13th century as a worship symbol for the god Siva, also referred to as Mukhalinga, wishing for a happy and peaceful life. It is an architectural construction made of red ceramic bricks that rest on a blue marble foundation.it is about 9m high and has a square base. It has only one eastern gate but appears as if it has four entrances. The entrance is popularly referred to as the kingdom of the gods. The experience around the tower is peculiar due to its unique location and surroundings. It attracts researchers and science explorers from all over the world.

Cat Cat village

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About three km from Sapa town, in a beautiful valley is the Cat Cat village, a village that hosts very interesting ethnic groups. The residents have preserved their traditional customs and practices making the village a must visit for every tourist. It is just a walking distance from downtown Sapa.(image by Tran Mai).

Revered Nguyen Sigh Sac historical site

The greatest leader of all time according to the Vietnam people is known as Ho Chi Minh. In honour of his father, revered Nguyen, this historical site was developed. In 1992, it was established as one of the most crucial architectural and cultural complexes in the Dong Thep province. The whole site rests on an expansive 3.6ha of land, which includes a tomb hall and the monuments. There are also other interesting features such as a pond and a stilt house. The roof of the revered Nguyen Sinh Sac is decorated with seven well crafted dragons. It is also a nationally uniting statue where people gather every 27th October to celebrate the anniversary of revered Nguyen’s death.

Tan Guy Dong Flower Garden

If you are a fan of vegetation and natural beauty, then you cannot miss a visit to the Tan Guy Dong Flower Garden. This expansive flower plantation not only hosts some of the most beautiful flowers in the world but also contains some of the most precious natural plants in southern Vietnam. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations at the beginning of spring as well as other times of the year.

Ly Quoc Su Pagoda

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This is a 900 year old Vietnam temple that is a rich haven for ancient art. It has been renovated severally but still retains the traditional color and shape. The interiors are rich in endless carving patterns and amazing architecture.(image by warrensx2).

A visit to Sapa exposes you to a wide array of opportunities. You can enjoy the welcoming nature of the people and take educational walks around the popular attraction sites. The Sapa town has a developed shopping experience as well as luxurious hotels where visitors can enjoy Vietnam cuisines.


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