5 Ideas for Your Holiday in 2014


A proud motherland of artists and scientists that have changed the shape of the world forever; from the staggering antiquities of Rome and the alluring romance of Venice to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the seductive beaches of Amalfi to the cosmopolitan flair of Milan, Italy is a bottomless well of attractions and possibilities.

It is the best destination for a luxury break in 2014 as it offers the best in accommodation, cuisine and travel experiences. In the heartland of Italy you will find stunning locations for luxury villa holidays away from the bustling cities in places like Umbria and Tuscany. The gorgeous Amalfi coast, the island of Sicily and Sardinia offer the best destinations for luxury beach holidays.(image by Katherine Rynor)

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May be you do not want to be stuck up in one place in 2014, try out an exhilarating experience of island hopping in the world’s ultimate archipelago with more than 18 000 islands with each one a tiny lost world. It is intriguing in every imaginable manner; mist shrouded volcanoes, unbelievably beautiful beaches you know the ones that make you keep pinching yourself to ensure that you are not in dreamland and exotic wildlife.

As you hop on and off the islands you will come across spectacular wildlife, intriguing cultures, beautiful beaches and interesting cultures. It is an experience of a life time sometimes finding yourself in breathtaking islands with no other human soul and sometimes finding yourself in the stunning crowded touristic areas.

Bali is one destination not to miss on your island hopping experience in the Indonesian archipelago; it is the most visited with its spellbinding beauty of lush palm trees, pristine sandy beaches, luxurious resorts and exquisite shopping malls.


France is a destination full of life’s best luxuries, from the splendors of its cities jam packed with culture to the picturesque medieval villages and the golden beaches along the Mediterranean; it gets it just perfect for any kind of holiday.

It also offers stylish golf courses littered all across the country and still offers the best value for golfing holidays in Europe. From Paris to Normandy, Burgundy and Brittany, there is always a great destination for golfing holidays.(image by Antonio Ponte)

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Whether you want a golfing break with a rural touch in Provence or in the glitz and glamour of the stylish French Riviera, the choice is breathtakingly yours to make. With so many regional diversities and excellent courses, France is the destination of choice for golfing breaks in 2014.


While most people visiting UK for the first time focus on its majestic cities such as London hoping to indulge into its rich cultural heritage, it is the countryside however that delivers on what is quintessentially English.

A luxury break to the glorious countryside in 2014 reveals a land of incredible natural beauty dotted with quaint villages, medieval towns, magnificent castles and palaces and extravagant stately homes. Areas such as Cornwall, Cotswold, Northumberland and Yorkshire are some of the ideal places for a luxury break offering all forms of impressive accommodations such as coastal cottages, converted farmhouses and elegant hotels (see www.house-parties.com for more).

The UK countryside is also ideal for a number of fantastic holiday activities such as golfing, walking, cycling, horse riding, fishing and exploring ancient sites. You will also find parks with incredible wildlife, agricultural shows, cultural festivities and gardens where you can relax after a long day of exploration.


Brazil is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world famed for its vibrant street festivals, scenic cities, intriguing culture, high mountains, cascading waterfalls and dense rainforests. It is a destination that offers an opportunity for any kind of holiday from sightseeing to relaxing and adventure.(image by Benoit Witt)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 5 IDEAS FOR YOUR HOLIDAY IN 2014 - BRAZIL

Brazil is said to have the coolest beaches on the planet especially the glamorous state of Bahia. It has miles upon miles of coastline with wild empty bays, strips of sleepy fishing bays and long sandy beaches where you can find turtles. Bahia is where Brazilians go for holiday and where chic resorts and beach bars unashamedly attract even the brightest of Hollywood stars that you will notice occasionally lying along the beaches sipping from coconuts and basking under the tropical sun.

The coastal cities of Brazil such as the magnificent Rio de Janeiro also offer the perfect destination for beach and city breaks. After exploring the bustling streets, you can unwind along its gorgeous beaches sampling seafood in the seafront cafes and restaurants.



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Author: Shawn Leers

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