5 Top Paragliding World Sites

Paragliding is one badass adventure sport with the most exciting and enthralling escapades in the world. Coming up with a list of the best paragliding sites is not a one day affair. This is because having the best way to conquer the sky in amazingly dangerous heights is not all about coming up with places which will end up ruin your paragliding experience. It is a sport that involves a combination of both skydiving and hang gliding and where one has the chance to interact with the cool atmosphere. Considering the rules, this is the kind of sport that will give you an experience that no one can sum up in words. With a list of these amazing places, this activity truly lives up to your life long dream.

Colonia Tovar, Venezuela

The scenic features and the beautiful landscapes are some of the features which make this wonderful place worthwhile for paragliding. Colonar Tovar is a small town built by German settlers near Venezuela capital called Caracus. For Para-gliders this amazing place turns out to be a little heaven where one can make jumps from a height of 1500 meters above the sea level. The most commonly used site known as Placivel offers a healthy adrenaline fix, described by the stunning landscape offered by the narrow valley below.(image by Marcos Hevia)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Top Paragliding World Sites Colonia Tovar, Venezuela

Chamonix, France

Being frequented by skiers all over the world, this amazing place offers exemplary grounds for Para-gliders where the Alps are a hotspot destination. Chamonix is commonly preferred due to the presence of Mont Blanc which is the highest peak in Europe enabling the gliders to come to the top to launch their flight and take a leisurely glide over the wonderful Chamonix valley. As if this is not enough, the region has a lift system where you can access the several take off points and also availability of experienced guides makes it easier for gliders in the region.

Kunjapuri, India

Though not a very population site among gliders all over the world, this is one beautiful place that nestled cozily between the Shivalik ranges and for adventurists looking for spine chilling excitement this is the place to be. The destination offer scenic views of sunrise and sunset as the grand paragliding experience awaits you feasting your eyes with views of the Gangtri, Banderpunch, Chaukhamba and the Sawrga Rohini mountain peaks.

Oludeniz, Turkey

This is one of the most popular places in Asia and boosts of being the most photographed beaches along the Mediterranean shore as well as being one of the greatest and most visited places by Para-gliders. A shocking drive up Mount Babadag to launch your flight is not enough; you will be taken through breathtaking scenery, the mountains, national parks and the bay of Oludeniz. They prices are affordable and the experience is unexplainable, it’s worth your pocket!

Utah, USA

It’s mostly used by avid Para-gliders who would wish to learn to paraglide on your own and offers the best spot for evening sunset flights. The experience can be done in this order; stopping by in Salt Lake City, and when you are done drive to the point for longer and shorter flights depending on the weather and level of experience.(image by Jeff Patterson)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Top Paragliding World Sites Utah, USA

A good experience it is. Paragliding is one of the activities that does not disappoint, the pleasure is unexplainable and fulfills the dream of every glider! Get to learn how fast foods tend to be harmful to your health during traveling.


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