6 Best African Safaris

There is nothing more interesting than exploring the playgrounds for all kinds of wonderful wildlife adventures with affordable and well maintained vehicles. Every safari is a new adventure, they suck you in and deep you in their magic and the world beyond is left behind. Safaris tend to provide an overwhelming range of wildlife encounters across the awe-inspiring landscapes, more than enough for a lifetime. Selecting the top Africa’s safaris is quite a daunting task considering the numerous numbers of well managed safaris and also the different tastes and preferences among travelers. Spotting a light brown rhino on the Masai Mara Reserve, relaxing to watch elephants mud bathing in the midday sun, or following a pack of wildebeests at high speed- all explain the pleasure of these top class safaris in Africa. Here are the top safaris in Africa that should not miss in your bucket list.

Kenyan Safaris

This is one of the most affordable and well maintained safaris with a class of its own. Kenya was the original safari market which has result in millions of foreign tourists frequenting their visits in the countries top attraction sites. Having close encounters with a variety of wildlife in breath-taking landscapes, luxurious and world class lodges, and the fascinating culture of Kenyan tribes bring the country top of the chart in terms of the best wildlife safaris in Africa. Kenya’s safaris and beach combinations are easy and affordable considering Masai Mara as one of the most iconic parks.(image by Jonathan Rozen)

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Botswana Safaris

Offers the most exclusive and expensive services in Africa with private reserves hosting exceptional game viewing, the broadest range of activities and the high standard of accommodation. They are considered as the best with Okavango Delta one of the most amazing environments. The vast unfenced reserves which are mostly privately owned allow for free wildlife runs and guaranteeing truly exclusive wildlife safaris.

Tanzania Safaris

Hosting stunning features such as the Serengeti, Mt Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania is probably Africa’s most famous safari destination and also the easiest way to combine a safari with Zanzibar beach. Others features such as; stunning beaches, the famous ‘northern circuit’, the wild parks in the south, and the remote parks of western Tanzania all describe the kind of experience to expect with these top class safaris.

Zambia Safaris

Offers one of the most admirable experiences; providing top-class walking safaris, outstanding quality of guiding and many highly rated lodges. It was once regarded as the country for safari enthusiasts and second timers, but currently Zambia caters for all clients. Travelers who long to get out with the Land cruisers or explore the reserves by foot, a wildlife safari in Zambia might be the right choice. However, its season is short ranging from May till October.

Namibia Safaris

The country is said to have Africa’s highest cheetah population, high number of leopards and plenty of rhino making wildlife safaris outstanding. The available stunning scenery makes a fantastic backdrop for wildlife safaris. Sossusvlei and the Skeleton Coast are some of the unbelievable making the country’s safaris compared to the many world class safaris around the globe.(image by Safari Partners)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Best African Safaris Namibia Safaris

This is not all for your adventure. Traveling is not all about exploring the best reserves and expensive beaches, but a ride through the jungle with the most affordable world-class safaris has it all! That’s not enough; here are the things that will fascinate you about Rastafarian culture.


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