6 Great Sites Outside of London

Visiting London is a wonderful experience, with all its beautiful sights. However, there are some great things to do outside of London which can be extremely interesting. Also, getting away from London will allow you to enjoy a cheap stay in some beautiful and historical towns that have so much to offer that you may end up forgetting all about London! You can opt for cheap day trip or hire a car and enjoy a cheap stay in one of many bed and breakfasts that are present all over England. These places are clean, comfortable and convenient on short stays.

Hampton Court
The beautiful palace was bestowed to the general public by Queen Victoria. It consists of many ornately decorated rooms, medieval kitchens, a maze, a beautiful glass stained chapel, stunning gardens and tennis courts from ancient times. You can even enjoy a boat ride here. The palace is about 5 minutes distance from Hampton Court Station and 30 minutes distance from Waterloo. You can take picnic hamper with you which you can enjoy in the Bushey Park, which is in the neighborhood.

The beautiful and old university town is made of more than 30 colleges, most of which constructed in the 13th century. While Oxford is definitely older than Cambridge and has a river flowing through, Cambridge offers a more stunning experience. To be able to experience history and tradition of this old town is an experience by itself. It takes just an hour to reach Cambridge by train and there after you are transported to another world altogether.

This beautiful Georgian seaside resort is popular for its meandering lanes. In addition, it has a vibrant gay community, ensuring that something is always happen in the town. It is a wonderful place to shop for jewelry and other knick-knacks that you might be looking to take home as a keepsake of your visit to England. Be sure to take time out to explore the coastline and its famous White Cliffs. You can collect sea shells on the rocky beaches or enjoy some fresh seafood at the numerous budget restaurants dotting the shore. It takes an hour to get to Brighton from Central London and is beautiful destination outside of London for spending half a day.

Windsor Castle
The castle was restored after a massive fire broke out and after exploring the castle, you can undertake a trip to Stratford-on-Avon, which is very near to Warwick, to check out the birthplace of William Shakespeare. You can even catch a Shakespearean play here.

Another interesting town outside London is Bath. This town is famous for its Roman baths and thermal spas. In addition, you can walk through Roman ruins and the city center to imbibe the ambiance of this beautiful and interesting town. Be sure to stop by at one of the pubs and enjoy a chilled pint of beer. You will enjoy the taste.

Spend some time checking out the mysterious stone circle at Stonehenge. It is truly a mystery and no one has been able to figure out why these obelisks were put up. Of course, there are many hypotheses, but nothing definitive. If you visit Stonehenge in the morning, you can walk amongst these stones. It is truly a calming and serene experience.

Author: Jonathan Marlow

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