Australia’s Best Beaches – Don’t Miss Them!

It is debatable, depending on who you ask, which beaches are Australia’s most beautiful? Australia is extraordinary anyway it has many great destinations.
So here are 6 of the best beaches that Australia have, including environment around the beaches and what the beaches are known and famed for.

1. First off we have Byron Bay, a stunning golden beach surrounded by lighthouses. Looking out into the sea it looks like you are looking into a glass bottle, the mix of colors depending on the sea floor is magnificent. If you look into the sea long enough you could be lucky enough to see turtles, dolphins, rays and a whole load of other sea creatures. This tourist town mixes a very casual quiet life and it’s rustic bohemian past, so you get a feel of Australia’s past while you are taking in the sun.

2. Then we have BurLeigh Heads, an Australian beach town that is famous for its surfing and it’s surfing competitions. Tourists and habitats alike compliment and claim that the extensive views of the ocean and the amazingly blue skyline are the best in the world.

3. Now we are at the eastern shore, Boome. This exotic beach is by far the most romantic. Serenading the beach dwellers with its beautiful red sanded rock and snow white beaches. That is not its only unique selling point, at certain times of the year, you will get the chance to see wildlife. This includes bird and other animals that Migrate.

4. ¬†Noosa beach is world famous for its waves. Surfers come from all over the world just to ride Noosa’s waves. If that isn’t your idea of fun, then you can just sit back and enjoy the view or you could take a quick trip to Fraser island which is filled with miles of sandy beaches and amazingly lush rainforests.

5. Now to Coolangatta Beach, these beaches are patrolled so therefore have extremely clean beaches. This beach is the cleanest out of all the beaches listed. Coolangatta beach is on the edge of the city so it’s not so secluded as the other beaches but the view makes up for that, there is a lot of foliage on this beach, not rubbish, but rocks and seaweed, it’s a lot closer to nature than the other beaches.

6. On to our final beach, Broadbeach. Considering this beach is on the skirts of the city it is a very chilled out beach. If you get bored of laying on the sun kissed warm sand you can always go to the casino. Feeling a bit peckish? This beach is famed for having an incredible dining experience when you walk into the city. This beach and city is alive even in the night. There are plenty of nightclubs around to satisfy everyone’s needs and tastes.
Above are the 6 most beautiful beaches in Australia. They cater for all ages and all individuals whether you want to have a rocking nightlife on Broadbeach or a romantic stroll along Broome beach. You will never see such beautiful sand sea and sun in all your life.

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Author: Jonathan Marlow

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