Best Beaches on Australia’s Gold Coast

So you’re lucky enough to be heading to Australia’s most famous stretch of fine sand known as Gold Coast. Want to make sure you’re going to get the most out of it? Don’t make do with just one spot–try to explore and enjoy this extremely appealing area to the fullest. Whether you prefer lazing around, surfing, or something in between, this is our ultimate list of the best beaches on Australia’s Gold Coast. Start off with a car hire in Surfers Paradise and feel free to use our list as your itinerary for an epic road trip.

1. Surfers Paradise Beach

A three kilometers long stretch of golden sand in the very heart of the Gold Coast City forms an iconic beach – and a perfect starting point for your trip. This picturesque beach has it all – beautiful scenery, first-class service, and lots of sporting facilities. Acclimatize in the largest suburb of the Gold Coast and, when you feel ready, get yourself a car and start exploring.

2. Broadbeach

Head a bit south from the Surfers Paradise and you’ll find yourself in the gorgeous “Broadie”, as locals heartily nicknamed this area. Once lazy and underdeveloped brother of its more famous northern neighbor, Broadbeach is nowadays a vibrant place full of various activities, attractions, and sights. The beach itself has a lot to offer, too. It serves to surfers and families alike and there’s even an access point for disabled visitors here. Just beware that this popular area can get very crowded during holidays and weekends.

3. Burleigh Heads Beach

Are you looking for a spectacular surfing spot? Head to Burleigh Head Beach – recreational surfing can’t get much better than this. Naturally protected waters in Burleigh offer great and safe environment for surfing, even when other beaches in the area experience rougher conditions and dangerous rips. There’s also a beautiful picnic park full of fragrant pine trees to make your beach day here even better.

4. Rainbow Bay

This relatively small yet totally adorable beach in Coolangatta marks the southernmost portion of Queensland’s coastline. With its nice curvy shape and calm turquoise waters, this lovely beach is very popular especially among families and avid swimmers. Nearby Snapper Rocks area is also sought after for its great fishing conditions, so make sure you don’t forget your rod at home!

5. Kirra Beach

Next to the Rainbow Bay lies notoriously known destination called Kirra Beach. This magnificent spot has been attracting holidaymakers from the half of the 19th century and later became known as one of Australia’s prime surfing spots. Though sand erosion has stolen some of its surfing appeal, its world-class breaks still tempt to catch a wave or two in here. Kirra Beach is also great for enjoying the traditional laid-back atmosphere of Gold Coast, which is nowadays often pushed aside by much fancier character in some of the neighboring townships.

Author: Shawn Leers

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