Budget Accommodation options To stay in Morocco

Many of the people who have traveled to morocco testify to having a trip of a life time. Morocco is a country rich in culture and beautiful scenery that attracts tourist from the world over. This is probably why its tourism sector is its second largest industry just after its very profitable phosphate industry. It is also know to have very relatively low accommodation prices considering of the many treats its tourism sector basket has to offer. Travelers and tourist alike can find many different accommodations that will not break their bank account making their stay in Morocco even more enjoyable.

Where to stay in Morocco


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There are up to 400 different hotels in Marrakech (Morocco’s fourth largest city) alone. The hotels range from high end expensive hotels to good affordable hotels that would make your stay in Morocco enjoyable. The good thing about having so many different hotels in Morocco is that you can find a good budget hotel without having to book in advance. (image by marco).

You can find good budgetary hotels such as Hotel Astrid in Casablanca and Raid les Orangers d’Alilia both in Marrakech for less than $70 a night. They are both considered good hotels for they both offer an array of amenities such as free WI-Fi god clean rooms and both offer very good tasty and divine meals.

This is just a small sample of hotels in Morocco the good thing about all budgetary hotels is that you can bargain to get the best deal for you.


There are a number of good hostels in Morocco. If you are planning to go with your friends to enjoy one of Africa’s most coveted coastlines, then living in a hostel would be a good option for you.

You can get a cheap hostel for as little as $30 a night. Examples of such a hostel is Riad Dar Chifra in Fes that charges about $25 per night in this hostel you not only get good hosting, you will also be treated to massages if you wish and good food. There are many other hostels in Morocco such as the Riad Zahra in Essaouria that charges about $45 a night. For this price you get to enjoy a satellite TV in every room, a pool and there is even a bar on site.

Guest houses
If you are unlucky in finding a good hotel or hostel, you can settle in guest houses that are just as many and comfortable. There are a number of guest houses in all major Moroccan cities. They come in handy especially during the tourism peak season when hotels are over booked especially during spring or fall when Morocco’s climate is good.(image by olivier behar).
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Most guest houses in Morocco are kind of old but rich in culture as they are built to look like Raids. This is a residential with an indoor garden or court at the middle of the building’s structure. This offers a good serene relaxing environment and also a good place to take pictures with you and you friends.

An example of a good guest house in Marrakech houses is The Riad Atlas Guest House costing less than $60 dollars a night and for this price you will get free breakfast, a swimming pool and also a very high speed internet making it seem like a give away.


Although not as many, for many guest houses and hostels offer private rooms, these can be a good staying solution for you and your friends if you want to spend the night together in one room. Your privacy is less limited however, you will get to enjoy each other company and maybe even get to know each other a little bit better.

You can however get a good dorm in Morocco for example The Equity point in Marrakech that offers 4-8 beds a room. At this hostel you enjoy free Wi-Fi a swimming pool a bar free breakfast, free internet access among many other amenities all for less than $150 for that room you will definitely save more money if you shared the accommodation cost.

Private rooms

If you are in Morocco for romantic trip for just you and your spouse this is the option for you. They are the most common rooms in Morocco also one of the most preferred. If you want to enjoy your privacy with your significant other then private rooms are the way to go. You can get a private room in all hotels, hostels and even guest houses.

The price of these private rooms is however based on the hotels charging system. It could be either per night or per person. To save up on your travelling expenses it would be probably best to look for one that charges on a per night basis.


If you travelling to Morocco as a large group of friends or family and plan to stay a long indefinite time, renting an apartment is probably one of the best options for you.

The good thing about staying in an apartment is that you get to organize your own schedule for example when you eat and also get to cook for yourself. A good apartment complex will have good self contained rooms and most will be fully furnished with seats and electronics such as washing machines making you not to want to leave your room. An example of good apartment for less than $100 per night is the Riad des Funny that offers 4 bed rooms and 3 bathrooms.


When looking for a budget accommodation option in Morocco, consider how large your group is. If you have a large group, apartments and dorms are definitely the best way to go but if you are few maybe even two the best option for you would be a private room. In addition, Morocco’s accommodations prices are flexible. Make sure you bargain to get the best deal you can.


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