Camping Expedition in New Zealand- Tips and Tricks

Camping in New Zealand can be an expedition of a lifetime, regardless of whether you take a road trip or hiking. This is because you are guaranteed to savor some of the world’s most spectacular and beautiful sites that New Zealand has to offer. Both islands have contrasting landscapes therefore it will be worthwhile for you to take time exploring both individually. During the night, you will not have to travel long distances to find accommodation since the New Zealand is dotted with campsites all over. Some of the popular campsites are Mayora Lakes, Waikaremoana Motor Camp, Kaiteriteri Beach, Marahau and the Coromandel Peninsula. However, to avoid disappointment, you will need to place your booking for a spot in the campsites well in advance.

There are certain parts where camping is allowed despite not being designated for such a purpose. But this has led to negative environmental impact (incorrect disposal of human waste and rubbish) owing to an influx of people and this has resulted in the local authorities as well as the government cracking down on this trend. One of the measures being taken is imposing of very high fines for those who set up camps in these prohibited areas. You will therefore have to be very vigilant and respectful to Mother Nature.
When packing for your New Zealand trip, you should use your common sense as it is definitely not going to be a fashion show. Fellow tourists and locals are used to seeing people adorned in their outdoor gear. It is therefore advisable that you invest in practical garments such as hiking boots, thermals, fleeces, zip off trousers and jackets that are waterproof. A sturdy backpack that has waist and chest belts (to ease the pressure off your shoulders) as well as support panels would be a welcome addition especially if you intend to hike a lot. To shield yourself from the rays of the sun, you should make a point of bringing a sunscreen lotion that is high strength as well as wide brim hat. Another must have would be an insect repellent either in cream or spray form since insects are a common phenomena in New Zealand.
Travelers to New Zealand find it easier to rent equipment without having to part with exorbitant amounts because the rental and tourism industries have developed over the years. This is owing to the fact that the country is not new to camping. For your road trip or travel to be worthwhile and


Queenstown New Zealand


comfortable, renting a camper van would be the ideal option. This is especially so for the elderly who do not find it comfortable sleeping in a tent. Various companies offer the caravan rental services and you are likely to find these companies at all the major airports in New Zealand. Once you rent one, ensure that you closely consult their user manual so that you are enlightened as to where to refuel the caravan as well as waste disposal procedures and locations. While in New Zealand, make sure you savor all the activities they have packaged for you like fishing, stargazing, boating and mountain biking. Make your expedition memorable and worthwhile.
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