Fantastic Frankfurt Lures with its Diverse Cultural Attractions

Frankfurt – the gateway to Europe and a city known for its diversity lures with its unending list of amazing tourist attractions. From outdoor activities to historic modernistic monuments, art and culture, delectable cuisines, great shopping opportunities and an impressive ambience; Frankfurt has it all. Quite different from other cities in Germany, this interesting tourist location has a lot on its cards. Take a look at its many attractions steeped in art and culture.

Main Tower

The Main Tower is open to the public and makes you savor the spectacular views of the cityscape from a height of 200 meters. Apart from getting your fill of interesting digital captures, you may also like to visit its restaurant, which is situated atop the fourth tallest tower in Frankfurt.(image by Rubén Vique).

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Goethe’s House

Home to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), the famous German writer, Goethe’s House was completely ravaged during the World War II. Restored later, this beautiful house offers tourists with an incredible collection of paintings, furnishings and books linked to the Goethe family. This is the venue where Goethe received his inspiration to write “The Sorrows of Young Weather”.

Cider taverns of Sachsenhausen

Savor the delights of “Apfelwein” or “Ebbelwoi”, alcoholic apple ciders manufactured in and around the scenic bounties of Frankfurt. The regions of Sachsenhausen (located to the south of the old town), boast of the oldest cider apple bar and attracts visitors from near and far alike.


Romerberg (Roman Mountain) attracts tourists to the popular town hall and has existed since 1405. Its Historic square was the historic venue of the first trade fair in Frankfurt the 13th century. With a three-storey building area that sprawls across 10,000 square meters and nine houses, the sightseeing locations of Romerberg are worthy of a visit.

Paulskirche – Church of St Paul

Paulskirche was constructed in the period 1789-1833 and has witnessed the birth and growth of the German democracy. Once used for important political meetings, Church of St Paul was the first place to be chosen for selecting the members of the German parliament in the year 1848. In contemporary times, this venue is being used for special events and exhibitions.


Take a leisurely stroll along the main river that flows through the center of Frankfurt. Its banks are fringed by some of the best museums in Europe-a must visit for tourists and lovers of art and culture alike. Museumsufer situated in Schaumainkai, is the largest flea market in the city and lures shoppers from all parts of the country and beyond.(image by HEN-Magonza).

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Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

Senckenberg Museum, the largest museum dedicated to natural history in Germany,
displays a treasure trove of exhibits that range from fossil amphibians to Egyptian mummies! However, the most important highlights of this museum are its collection of dinosaur skeletons and about 2000 specimens of bird replicas. Visited by thousands of art lovers all across the year, this sightseeing location ranks high on the itinerary of tourists and tour operators alike.

Zeil shopping street, Museum of Modern Art, Palmengarten Botanical Gardens….the list of interesting places in Frankfurt is indeed endless-are you ready?


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Feature image by Hugh Llewelyn

Author: Shawn Leers

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