Five Amazing Locations to Retire in Australia

When you are over sixty years old you might want to find new places to for you and your spouse to retire peacefully and Australia is one amazing place you should consider. There no doubt top retirement destinations in Australia are attractive for many good reasons and there are many fantastic places in the country where you can relax, enjoy and spend these years of your life peacefully. It also has many amazing natural beauties and iconic landmarks which may interest you as retire. The people in the country are friendly and you will definitely interact with them well as they are kind and helpful people. The country also has many restaurants and cafes which serve amazing and tasty food. The transport system in the country is also amazing and there aren’t many traffic congestion in the country since there are not very many people. Here is a list of five amazing locations to retire in Australia:

  1. Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is situated in southern Queensland, Australia and has many surf spots and beach resorts making it a perfect retirement location as you get to enjoy the amazing scenery of the beach and relax while swimming and surfing. It has an amazing national park which is home to mangrove forests, shallow lakes and multicolored sand dunes. It also has amazing apartment and hotels which offer comfortable accommodation at pocket friendly prices.

  1. Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

Hunter valley is also commonly known as Hunter Region and is a region of New South Wales in Australia. It is situated north of Sydney and is famous for its coal industry and the wineries. You can enjoy exceptional delicious food and wine in the region. There are also many cities and towns you can stay in which have amazing apartments. The region has fresh water supply, shops and restaurants making it an ideal region for you to retire in.

  1. Echuca, Victoria

Echuca is a town situated on the banks of the Campaspe River and Murray River, in Victoria Australia. It has a good transport system which includes an inland port, well-built roads and a railway line. In addition the town does not have a lot of population making it peaceful and less congested. The people in this town are friendly, kind and helpful which will make your retirement time in the town amazing. It also has great shops and restaurants.

  1. Huon Valley, Tasmania

Huon Valley is situated in Southern Tasmania, Australia. The biggest town is Huonville and there are many other amazing small towns in the region. The region has amazing fruit orchards, parks, shops and amazing restaurants which provide a relaxing atmosphere ideal for your retirement stay in the region. There are also less people in the towns making the region peaceful and quiet. The region also has amazing beautiful scenery.


  1. Geraldton

Geraldton is a lovely coastal city situated in Western Australia. It has amazing sites which will amaze you during your retirement such as amazing beaches, numerous heritage museums and sites. There are also many amazing shops, restaurants and apartments which will offer all you might need during your retirement. The city has amazing weather conditions which are ideal making you have the best retirement time.

It is a great idea to visit the towns before moving permanently and see which one meets your personal needs.


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