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Traveling to the USA is made more convenient by relaxing visa rules for some countries. A new Visa Waiver Program is enacted and the facility extended to selected countries that are 38 in number. Visitors from these countries have an opportunity to get the visa online and in a hassle free manner.

Your USA visa

If you belong to a VWP country then you should send your USA visa application online through ESTA that is Electronic Structure for Travel Authorization. It is available for short trips up to 90 days and its objective is to prescreen travelers for security threats. It came into force on 12th January 2009. Its advantage is that you can apply for the visa even from a website. If you happen to travel on a business affairs, where you would need to minimize travel related risks, such an avenue to obtain your US visa is a must!  The service provided by ESTA is not only irreplaceable but also surely secure, reliable and professional.

How to apply for the visa under VWP?

You require ESTA USA visa Equally as you fit a VWP country. For visa, you only need filling and submitting a simple online application form. The US Department of Home Security needs information on your passport, country, citizenship, contact details and your medical and legal history. Here it is necessary to mention that you won’t
get a second chance to amend important information like passport number provided in the ESTA application form. Information provided in the application has to be correct to the best of your knowledge.

The US authorities might take a couple of business days in granting the visa and they are free to determine who should be allowed to arrive in US territory and who shouldn’t. But the ESTA visa only permits to land on the US territory where the visa holder is again screened and allowed to arrive in US only when he passes the screening tests.

Qualification for VWP

Candidate must be a citizen of a nation taking a concern in the VWP and furthermore, he should be a respectable citizen holding a legitimate international ID. Explorers can submit applications on US administration site
or they can exploit travel locales that assistance in submitting ESTA applications. Prior, it was allowed to register for an electronic visa yet now US government has required a settled $14 for the same.
There is no renewal for USA ESTA visa. When it is terminated, a crisp application must be submitted. The visa lapses naturally Free Articles if international ID is lost or changed for any reason like the change of name. One
ought to be cautious when entering subtle elements in the visa application. Wrong passages must be revised when they are seen by a few sections like name and citizen status can’t be changed. Likewise, you can ask for your travel
accomplice to fill your visa application however duty of giving bona fide points of interest will be yours.

Would it be advisable for me to take help of an outsider site to fill my visa application?

ESTA visa application is available on US government location and furthermore, there are numerous outside locales that give the application. There is no damage in utilizing an outsider site for submitting visa application however
you must be watchful in choosing an outsider site.

What are eligibilities for ESA permit?

You want to go to US is sufficient for asking for a USA ESTA visa. The applicant must not be a minor and also he should be in pink of health and should have a sound financial background. Criminals and fraudsters are barred
from entering the US territory. An objective of the ESTA is to streamline the visa process for quick visa approval for residents of friendly countries. ESTA visa is for short trips but it remains valid for 2 years or until the passport
of the visa holder expires whichever is earlier.

What if I personally acquire a new passport afterward obtaining ESTA?

It is a simple case of change of information and in this case, you need submitting a new application for ESTA visa for the US as your previous visa was for the passport that is expired. Similarly, if any other important information, like your name and gender changes, you need resubmitting your visa application.

Is it safe to apply for the visa from a website?

ESTA is provided online hence it can be submitted from websites only. Travelers are free to choose their sites for submitting their visa applications and they can submit their application even 72 hours before the journey. Authorities don’t take much time in providing US travel visa if they don’t find any discrepancy in the information provided.

Does ESTA promise that I will have the capacity to get to the US? 

An ESTA travel approval establishes that you are qualified to go to the US, however, it doesn’t guarantee confirmation. Just a Customs and Border Guard officer at your port of section into the USA can allow last affirmation.

To what extent would I be able to utilize an ESTA? 

An ESTA permit is valid for a lengthy time, pre-favoring you for any excursions of 90 days or less to the US amid that time. ESTA is valid for the specific passport it was issued for, which implies you do need to reapply if your
passport is lost, stolen, or expires inside this two-year time span.


There ought to be no misconception in regards to ESTA.  The service is professional and reliable with helpful and committed staff.   It is an electronic travel authorization framework created to help voyagers from VWP partaking countries. Going to the US is made bother allowed with ESTA. However, the visit must be for the brief time that is 90 days and if the voyager needs to remain for a long time then he ought to take a consistent visa.

Safe travel!


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