Going Off the Beaten Path for this Year’s Family Holiday


Tunisia may be squeezed between its vast neighbors’ Libya and Algeria but that does not mean it lacks in attributes that make it an excellent family holiday destination this year. Luxury Tunisia holidays boast of a winding coastline of over 700 miles along the Mediterranean shores that is littered with some of the finest beaches in North Africa, and we all know that family fun on a sun kissed beach is a welcomed ingredient anytime.

It is a country whose varied landscapes and fertile farmlands has been coveted by foreigners over the years and as a result has endured several civilizations which included Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, Phoenicians and Byzantines who have left iconic architectural structures all over the country. Children of all ages will love learning about these magnificent structures and the history of how they came about.Tunisia’s landscapes vary from lush oak forests of the northern hills to the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. There are some fantastic desert activities for families in Tunisia, including camel trekking and jeep safari’s which will appeal to slightly older adventure loving children.(image by Dennis Jarvis)

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Along the central coast is where most famous family friendly beach resorts of Sousse and Monastir gloriously bask beside the warm shallow waters of the Gulf of Hammamet. Many of the resorts have children’s clubs which will keep kids entertained with activities all day long. Some also have babysitting services for younger children enabling you to treat yourself to a romantic meal out with your loved one.


Most travelers focusing on exploring the Middle East keep on skipping the wonderful country Jordan. It is still a country that remains off the beaten path and most people unknowingly picture Jordan as a land of deserts, camels and Bedouins. Beyond the imaginary picture of Jordan lies a reality of an extraordinary nature, a land full of fascinating ancient archeological sites, stunning chains of valleys and mountains, outstanding desert landscape and the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes.(image by Dennis Jarvis)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - GOING OFF THE BEATEN PATH FOR THIS YEAR'S FAMILY HOLIDAY - JORDAN

If you have been on the lookout for the perfect off the beaten path destination to explore together with your loved ones, then Jordan should be on your bucket list this year. Both you and your children will be spoilt with all the culture and attractions that this country has to offer.Luxury family holidays in Jordan include exploring its amazing city of contrasts Amman, the Rose colored city of Petra with its ancient rock structures, trekking in the fascinating Wadi Rum, marveling at the ruins in Jerash and floating in the Dead Sea.

Jordan may bea destination that is less visited, but it certainly does not offer less in terms of family holiday experiences. In fact with more and more developments coming up to cater for the growing number of visitors, there are many new accommodation options opening their doors to welcome visitors to explore this extraordinary country. Many of the hotels are ideal for family holidays offering swimming pools and restaurants for you to relax in after a days sightseeing. Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, you will not be short of options when planning your trip to Jordan.


Sometimes holidays do not exactly mean staying at the same place all the time especially for a family that loves the outdoors and exploration. Greece is the best destination for such a kind of family; with its thousands of islands some well known and others have not even been heard off, it is the ideal place for an off the beaten path experience. Travelling around the islands can be remarkably simple with the many ferry services available as well as various internal air routes. Your children will love the adventure of hopping from one island to the other, seeing what each one has to offer with constant new places to explore and things to see.(image by Mish Koh)

World Travel Agency www.worldtravelagency.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - GOING OFF THE BEATEN PATH FOR THIS YEAR'S FAMILY HOLIDAY- GREEK ISLANE

There is much more to do in Greece than bask on its fantastic beaches, let your family enjoy discovering the new beauties this year in uninhabited parts of Greece, visit lesser known islands such as Ioannina, Zagoria and Igoumetsa. You and your family can also enjoy the amazing cuisine that Greece has to offer made from its delicious home grown ingredients that thrive in the countries terrain. The sun is always shining in Greece so there is no need to worry about any bad weather unlike some other destinations.

A family visit to Greece is incomplete without hopping off to Crete and experiencing the famous Cretan cuisine, ancient cities and its inland which is mostly neglected yet gives the visitor authentic Cretan cultural experience, it is an island that will never disappoint.

So what are you waiting for? Why not get out a map and start planning the family trip of a lifetime for 2014.


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