Going South America? Visa Costs and Fees

If you are planning a travel to one of South American countries, you’ll need a visa. Most Latin American countries impose either a visa or a fee when visiting the country. If you opt for a reciprocity fee, you’ll might need to take a toll on your budget, especially if you travel with your family. The reason why these fees exist is because the USA government charges high fees for Latin America citizens to enter the USA. As a result, some of the South American countries come up with a rule – you charge us, we charge you. There is a lot of debate are these fees indeed justifiable.

Both way, below are discussed visa and entrance fees.


You have to pay $160 in advance. You can do it by visiting this website: http://www.provinciapagos.com.ar/dnm/ in order to get an entrance ticket which should be good for 10 years. You can print a ticket directly from the mentioned website. You can avoid the reciprocity fee by crossing into Argentina overland. For example, if you would have traveled from Santiago (Chile) to Mendoza (Argentina), you wouldn’t have to pay the fee. Another workaround is to take an international flight into Mendoza, Salta or Cordoba.Bolivia

Every time you enter the country, you’ll have to pay $135 in cash. You can’t avoid this fee. The visa you get is valid for 5 years.



This country is the most complicated one. You usually need to apply for a visa in advance. Should be done from the USA before you even leave the country, but you may want to visit the Brazilian consulate when travelling or even ask for one at the border at Iguazu Falls. If you are travelling from Bolivia to Brazil, you won’t be able to enter Brazil unless they do not see the Bolivian either entrance or exit stamp. You are allowed to extend your tourist visa once per year. For a visa extension you’ll need your passport, proof of funds, a credit card, return ticket and a form to complete given by Federal Police.


$131 is the cost of the visa. The visa is bought upon arrival at the Santiago airport and it’s valid only for 90 days. If you are planning to stay longer, you’ll need to pay an additional fee.


$45 is a fee for one-time entry which is valid for 90 days.


$100 is a visa fee at arrival station. On the other hand, if you have paid $100 in advance, you can get a visa good for 5 years.

Countries without entry fees are:

– Colombia
– Peru
– French Guiana
– Guyana
– Venezuela
– Uruguay

You’ll not have to pay these fees if you are just transiting through a particular country. Although these fees can add up at the end, it’s just a small price you have to pay to visit some of these incredible destinations. It’s important to mention if you have a dual citizenship (for example, European Union and South America citizenship), you don’t need to pay any fees whatsoever when you visit fee imposing countries as long as you exit or enter the country with your South American or EU passport. If you are a Russian, you are lucky as Russia is recently seeking a visa-free regime with Latin America countries.

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