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There are many things to do when you plan on a vacation holiday in Macau. It is located in the southeast coast of China where you can enjoy the Chinese culture while devouring its Portuguese buildings. With this unique combination, who wouldn’t want to visit this region? This is not just the reason why people visit the region. What’s great about it is that, you can enjoy Macau in a variety of ways and these are:
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Sands Macau Casinos
· Enjoy shopping at the Venetian. If you enjoy shopping, then you should include Grand Canal in your place of destination. You can find hundreds of shops where you can get your favorite items such as jewelries, apparels, foods, gadgets, at a very affordable price. You won’t run short on cafes and restaurants when you go tired of shopping your favorites. There is also an available outdoor or indoor gondola ride to end the day with romance if you are with your special ones.
· Don’t miss the Cirque du Soleil’s Zaia performance. If you wanted to be entertained the Las Vegas kind of way, then you should visit the Venetian Macau theatre to watch this world-class artists performs on stage. The 90-minute show will keep you entertained with their amazing special effects, combinations of dances, and acrobatics that will surely wow any ages.
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Lisboa Casino Macau
· Indulge into their famous Portuguese Egg Tart. This sweet treat is a must-try for tourists and guests of the region. It is a pastry filled with an egg custard with a cinnamon and sugar sprinkle on top, which makes a very good treat for your loved ones when you return back home to your land. You can find these pastry on any bakeries in Macau since this is a famous treat among locals as well.
· Experience the Bungy Jumping Adventure at the Macau Tower. The tower is the highest point of the region where you can have a breathtaking view of the city at night. During daytime, the tourists and the locals enjoy this place by doing an adrenaline-pumping activity, which is bungy jumping. The activity is best enjoyed in the city because it is the highest bungy jumping point all over the world with a measurement of 233 meters. If you are in for this one of a kind adventure, then just visit the tower. You can enjoy other activities while being at the tower such as the Sky Jump and the Sky Walk with your family or friends.
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Galaxy Waldo Casino
· Be at one of the great casinos of the world when you visit the city. Macau is known to be Asia’s gambling paradise. You will know this upon visiting the city. The number one reason why tourists visit the region is that they wanted to experience gambling in the Oriental Las Vegas. You will find lots of luxurious casinos and hotels that will surely meet your gaming and gambling expectations such as the Sands Macau, Lisboa, Mandarin Palace Casino and Galaxy Waldo Casino.
The city is not just popular for its gaming and gambling activities in its casinos. There are ways to which you can enjoy the place through the beauty of its nature, clear streets, and landscapes that keep visitors coming back for more.
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