How to Buy Travel Stuff in Ghana, Africa

West Africa can be a costly region to visit. The costs in Ghana are high by African norms, yet the accommodation there is regularly superior to what you would expect somewhere else in Africa also. Outside of the significant urban cities and traveler destination, they are likewise in short supply.

Traveling to Ghana is about encountering the lifestyle and culture. If this is your first time traveling to Ghana, do bear in mind that you can always buy travel gear for hiking and camping in Africa at affordable prices. There are five ways on how you can buy travel stuff in Africa:

Check Out the Local Supermarkets

Travel gear does not just include shoes for hiking or the tent you will need at the camping site. Travel gear includes, but not limited to mesh bags, sunglasses, umbrellas, toothbrush, rain ponchos and a lot more. You don’t need to find a store specializing in travel gear and accessories to find all of the items because at the local supermarkets, you can always get one at an affordable prices!(Iamge by CGIS Photos)

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Try free classifieds in Ghana

If you are really on a very tight budget but aims to buy used or cheap travel gears for camping and hiking which are still in good condition, you can always try the free classifieds web ads in Ghana by posting ads on the local websites. Most of the times, there are seasoned travelers who are interested in selling or letting go their stuffs at very cheap prices and if you’re lucky enough, you can get them for free!

Find Stuffs in Clothing Stores

No, you don’t need to find the summer-styled clothing at the specialized store as what most companies are trying to promote. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you need every item with a tag “Just for Travel”. The local clothing stores usually offer more affordable sleeveless shirts or short pants, and even the undergarments, just in case you run out of those. Just live your life like the local and wear what they’re wearing.

Visit the Hardware Stores

Well, who think you can only find stuffs for home improvement at the hardware stores. Skip the free classifieds in Ghana for now and head to the nearest hardware store you can find in Africa. Among the items you can get at a local hardware store are the S-Hooks, key tags, sink stoppers, door wedges and even ear plugs! And, they can come at cheaper prices too!(Image by Mike Pearson)

World Travel Agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Hardware Stores Buy Travel Stuff in Ghana


Go To Pharmacies

For those mini travel toiletry items, go to the local discounted pharmacies across Africa. If you’re a female traveler, you will probably thank the universe for these amazing pharmacies because it is in one of those stores where you can find travel-sized emery boards, lip liner and other mini cosmetic stuffs, and even the pharmaceutical containers.

Just like any other developing countries, it can get pretty hard to find some of the places mentioned above but personally, checking out the local supermarkets and trying out the classifieds in Ghana are one of the easiest ways to buy travel gears at affordable prices.


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Author: Shawn Leers

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