Scuba Diving in Moalboal

Philippines, scuba dive, underwater is one of the most delightful activities that you can enjoy in your lifetime. This is an exceptional activity that you will always think of. Philippines is known as the Republic of the Philippines. This nation has more than seven thousand separate islands.

Philippines Scuba dive under water can be done at any time in a year. Experts however, ask the tourists not to have the sport during the monsoon months. These months run from July to September. Below are some of the great diving sites around Moalboal:

Pescador Island

The Pescador Island has more than just a single diving spot. It is a truly wonderful dive site. Most of the times, the dives starts from the south where the boat is completely protected from the Amihad wind. Depending on the flow of current, you can go in two separate directions from here. Towards the south is a slope which is about twelve meters deep, after which it becomes a straight drop to a height of thirty three meters after which it slopes downwards.(image by Pilar).

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At seven meters in the north eastern part of the Island, there is a raised area with a wonderful garden of corals and an aquarium of fish. This area looks absolutely wonderful when you dive at night. You can spend a good amount of your time in this spot and check in the corals for shrimps. At twenty five meters towards the west, you will see the ancient cathedral with magnificent glowing beams of light.

This island is now well-known for the existence of the sardines bait. Diving with sardines is a truly unique experience you do not want to miss.

House Reef

The house reef dive spot begins with a twenty five meters deep wall, with a sandy slope at the base. Be careful with the tiny cave at 27 to 30meters because it can be dangerous. The ridge is extremely shallow during low tides and you should therefore be careful when entering or leaving the cave.

During Philippines, scuba dive, underwater, watch out during low tides because you may injure yourself on the sharp ends of the coral reefs. In many cases, you will see huge parrot fish and turtles all around

Whale sharks at Olsob, Cebu

You will find the whale shark experience just off shore from a beach in the small fishing village on Tan-awan, Olsob in the southern Cebu. This is about seventy seven kilometers from resort.(image by Adam Brill).

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The best time to see the whale sharks is just after dawn when the sea is usually calm. If you want to encounter the whale sharks, you can either Scuba dive from a shore entry or take a ride on a small fishermen’s boat.

In summary, Philippines, scuba dive, underwater is always held as a water adventure sport of the highest standards. It caters for all principles of a hard core scuba diver. The place is also enjoyable and exciting for both learners and professionals. Philippines, scuba dive, underwater is a fantastic sport.


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