Stay in Touch with Loved Ones While Traveling

If you consider yourself wanderlust, or someone who constantly hops into a plane and explore various places, you are definitely away from your family or loved ones for a period of time. However, you need to realize that staying in touch with the important people in your life is essential to keep them updated on the great things happening to you while you are away, and eventually lessen their worries. So… in order to do that, here are some of the most basic ways on how to keep in touch with your family while you’re away. 

Make use of Rechargeable Phone

The most common way to connect to your loved ones is with rechargeable mobile phones. You can send them text messages or even give them a ring even though you are miles away from each other. Adjusting your rechargeable phone or SIM according to the settings made on your location is easy since the use mobile phones are very rampant nowadays. You just need obtain network services so you can start using your phone. In addition, keep in mind it is always easy and fast to charge no matter where you are, especially if you do it using sites as

Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is messenger application, which is free to download and is compatible on almost all of the available smart phones nowadays. This program makes use of an internet or data connection in order to send and receive messages, video, audio and/or images. With the available Wi-Fi connections today, you won’t really have a hard time using the application and stay connected with the most important people in your life.  Be aware that starting year 2017, the application will not work on old phones with Android operating system version 2.2 and older.

Share Photos Using Social Media Accounts

With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, three of the most popular applications being utilized in the present generation, you won’t have a difficult time updating your family and friends with your current activities and even update them with your plans on the succeeding days. All you have to do is to upload photos and statements on the interface and they will be able to view all of these once they are connected as well.

Upload Movies to YouTube

If you are a fan of making video and/or movies, you can easily share your captured moments through the YouTube Channel. You just need to create an account so you can readily upload and share your videos to the public and keep your subscribers updated.

Send an Actual Letter

With the widespread use of technology today especially rechargeable phone, it is a great effort to go back to the traditional means of connecting with your loved ones by sending them an actual handwritten letter. The effort you put into writing and thinking of the right words to tell them will definitely be appreciated.

Provided above are just some of the few ways of staying in touch with your loved ones especially while you are on your travel adventures. Aside from the mere act of updating them through phone calls and messages as well as photos and videos, where you are and the things you are currently doing, you can actually send them surprises by sending them traditional postcards as a remembrance from the places you have been.


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