Surprising Facts you Might not be Aware of Paris

Paris is a place every human being craves to visit at least once in their lifetime. The possibly easier routes to this place make it a more ravishing experience for the travelers. There are many available flights from San Francisco to Paris that accommodated the fliers well and also does not dig a hole in their estimated budgets. If you are planning to visit the French capital then we are here to help you out with certain surprising facts about this city which will make you more inclined towards it.

Paris- why is it called the city of love?

It is called the city of love due its immense romanticism and aura in its weather. Whenever you visit this place, you find a certain kind of warmth that it dedicates to all its visitors. It has kind of presence that cannot be seen but felt so perfectly to turn around the romantic side of yours in a dramatic way. The people in Washington area visit this place much often and so there are several cheaper flights from Washington to Paris that manages to reach your destination, that too within your budget. So, it is cost-effective and a natural treatment for the ones who love to explore the brighter sides of the world.

What to keep in minds while you travel to this city?

The major attractions of this place are many but one thing that is most hyped is the ambiance it has maintained over the years that draws millions of visitors to its feet every year. The beauty of the Eiffel tower, the gorgeous food delicacies for the food lovers and the serenity on its wind makes it all eligible for the tourists to visit it once and repeat the experiences again. One cannot get over Paris just in one trip. There is a certain magic that this city carries that once an individual visit this place, the craving for coming back increases with each passing day. This city rules the hearts f its visitors.

Strange city, stranger history- Paris has it all:

Researchers suggest that there are almost 1800 monuments present in Paris along with 173 museums. Also, there are about 450 amusement parks and natural gardens present in the city of love. This is assumed to be spread across 1200 acres of land approximately. Not accurately but there can be more than 500 movie theatres in Paris alone. A handful of it is operated by France’s government body Art ET Essai. Film shootings and commercial shootings make are a rage in this city, one can see near about 10-20 film and commercial shooting taking place in the streets of this city every day. So, this place is rich in heritage and does business as well.

If you are planning to visit this city of love then don’t sit back and think about it, get up and pack your bags if Paris is calling you. The traveling experiences are to remain a lifetime and of it’s, this lovely French capital that you are going to explore then wasting time will be a real waste literally.

Author: Shawn Leers

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