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Rivers are a key for people’s survival in any continent. Not only they act as water reservoirs but also provide water for irrigation, producing hydroelectricity, drinking etc. They also have abundance of marine animals like fish which is a big source of food.

Few important rivers in continent Asia 
1. River Euphrates is very popular and historically very important river in Asia. It originate from Caucasus mountains of Armenia from where it flows through different countries and finally pours into Persian gulf. It travels a distance of around 2235 miles which makes it the longest river in middle east. This river is historically very important because it was the birthplace of several great civilizations like Assyria, Babylonian etc.

River Euphrates by

2. The other important river in Asia is Yangtze river which is located in china and is one of the world’s largest rivers. This river is a combination of 4 great rivers of china. This river plays a very important role in Chinese economy.

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Important rivers of Continent North America 
3. Niagara river, this river is only 35 miles long but because it includes Niagara falls along it’s course makes this river very famous world over. It is the highest rate of flow of any waterfall in the world which falls vertically from the height of 165 feet (50 meters). Because of this the Niagara river is a popular tourist destination.

Niagra River by

4. Colorado river is also one of the important and famous rivers of north America. It originate from rocky mountains of Colorado and pours into gulf of California traveling a total of 1450 miles. The river covers a lot of land and hence there are several areas to visit where one can see the river and beautiful landscape it creates. The delicate arch at the arches national park is amazing to watch and has a mesmerizing experience on the audience.

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Important rivers of continent South America  
5. Amazon river is the largest river in the world and second longest. It has the largest drainage basin which is about 7050,000 square km and is approximately one fifth of the world’s total river flow.  It flows through Peru,Columbia and Brazil.

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6. Rio Parana is the second largest river in south America. It passes through Brazil , Panama and Argentina. It’s length is 4700 approx.

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Important rivers of continent Europe

7.River Volga is situated in Russia. It is a very important river.  Forty percent of the people of Russia live on the bank of this river which makes it very important. It’s total length is 3692 miles.

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8. River Danube is another important river of Europe. It flows through various countries like Germany, Serbia, Croatia , Austria etc. It’s length is 1780 miles which makes it the longest river in Europe.

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Important rivers of continent Africa are 
9. Nile river is one of the most famous river in Africa and is generally regarded as the most longest river in the world. It’s length is 6650 km. It passes through several countries and hence regarded as an international river.

`Nile-River by

10. The Congo river is another river in Africa and is the deepest river of the world. It has depth of more than 220m. Also a length of 4700 km makes it ninth longest river of world.

Congo River by

There are so many other great rivers in the world and I am sure you may find some of them very exciting such as the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. If you have any great stories about any other rivers, please share with us.

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