The 4 Best Family Hiking Trails In North America

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Taking a hike is probably the most popular thing to do while you are on a vacation. Many people do it for fitness irrespective of whether they are hitting the gym in the hotel or not. When you are hiking in North America you get to see some of the most beautiful views and encounter exciting wildlife. The hiking also gives an opportunity to the families to do something together. Some do it for plain relaxation while others do it to add a zing to their lives. The hiking trails in North America are renowned for the challenges it poses. Some of the most popular hiking destinations are as follows.

1) Yellowstone National Park
The Yellowstone National Park is a very popular family destination which boasts of a remarkable hiking trail. There is a wide range of trails to choose from but opt for the one which has the best waterfalls in the park. The trail which has the Mammoth Hot Springs is said to be very popular for families with kids. The park urges the people to bring their own bikes and use them on the trails. It is also recommended that you speak with a ranger before embarking on a trail and get all the information about the likely dangers that you may encounter and check whether you have the updated maps at your disposal. There is an entrance fee of $25 for people entering with vehicles and $12 for individual entry.

2) Appalachian National Scenic Trail
This one is a huge trail. The entire length is 2,175 miles and it is a real challenge to complete this even in a year. Although it is not recommended for short trips, hiking for any length on this trail gives real pleasure. You will get to see different scenery as you hike on this trail. Since there is no entrance fee you can hike at your pleasure from mountains to forests and fields. You can ask fellow hikers about their experience and gain valuable information about the trail.
North America -family hiking trails-world travel agency-around the world family travel with kids blog

3) Glacier National Park, Montana
If you are looking for a hiking trail that will also provide spectacular views then Glacier National Park is perfect for you. It has over 700 miles of hiking trails and some really amazing glaciers. There are many campsites and you can choose one to camp so that you can continue your hike in the morning. You can also take the help of a ranger who will guide you to the best hiking locations. Many come to Glacier National Park during the winter months for cross country skiing. There is entrance fee for $25 (summer) and $15 (winter) for vehicles. Individuals need to shell out $12 (summer) and $10 (winter).

4) Grand Canyon National Park
The Grand Canyon national park has a gruelling hiking trail and it will require tremendous mental and physical strength to handle it. You may opt for shorter trails or ask the ranger to guide you. The cell phone reception is next to nothing in this park so it is always advisable to take the help of a ranger. The cost for a vehicle is $25 and $12 for individuals.
North America -family hiking trails-world travel agency-around the world family travel with kids blog

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