The 4 Most Cultural Dishes of Brazil

The best and most sought after festivities in Brazil are the Carnival cultural festivities. During this period, you are guaranteed to enjoy the best dishes different cultures in Brazil have to offer as well as get the chance to learn more about the different cultural practices observed in Brazil. Just like in any other culture, food in Brazil is held with high regards. The following are the 4 common foods served in Brazil during the carnival seasons.

It’s one of the most common sea foods in the Brazilian coastline. It’s made up of snapper, salmon, mahi mahi, and monkfish. Various types of vegetables and spices such as limes, paprika, palm oil and coconut milk are added to the mixture and left to stew for an hour. It’s believed to have originated from Espírito Santo.

This is usually a combination of shrimps and peeled black eyed peas. They’re prepared by rolling the beans and shrimps into different balls and later deep frying them. You can find and enjoy this dish all over Brazil but it’s more common in the Bahia region and Salvador. It’s a simple street food that bears the rich culture of both social and religious practices of Brazilians.


Carne de Sol
This is one type of dish that brings out the best of Brazil carnivorous tendencies. It’s made up from salted beef which is usually left out in the sun to dry or “cure”. Its name simply means ‘meat of sun’. It highly served in Northern Brazil during the carnival season. It’s also served with hamburger, onions and thick potato chips to make a meaty hearty meal.

Feijoada boost as been the most sort after and most populous dish in Brazil. It’s essentially prepared by mixing beans stew with a combination of pork and beef. It derives its name from the Portuguese word feijão which means ‘beans’. Vegetables from pumpkins, okra and bananas are added to the mixture along with a blend of chilies and spices to create a thick and hearty blend of stew.


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