The 5 Most Romantic Beaches in The World

Romantic beaches are a major attraction: Now that the months of rain and freezing temperatures are a thing of the past, your better half is finally convinced about taking that long awaited beach vacation. Undoubtedly, strolling hand-in-hand along the beach has a cliche but being by the ocean waters makes for an undeniable romance. The charm of the small seaside town, relaxed pace of life and smell of salty air on the nostrils makes for an intoxicating cocktail that continues to make beach vacations one of the most attractive and romantic propositions for anyone.

Five most romantic beaches in the world: The most intriguing aspect of a seaside vacation is that its appeal does not subside even after the summer months. For the romantic types who hate getting sand in all their belongings and sunburn on the skin, there is always the option of sitting on top of a bluff by the ocean and smelling the breeze. As a mark of inspiration, here is a compilation of the five most romantic beaches in the world that make for ideal getaways for the love birds.

1. Pink Beach, Harbor Islands, Bahamas:

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A list of romantic beaches can never be complete without featuring the famous Pink Beach of the Bahamas. Wide with palm trees lining the shore, the Pink Beach comprises of fine grained sand in a spectacular shell-pink hue that would have given the place a stunning appeal even without the welcoming warmth of the Caribbean lapping at the shores. A day spent at the Pink Beach more often than not makes couples want to come back for their first anniversary while some follow up with many more visits over subsequent years.(image by SLV000).

2. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, Tahiti Islands:

There is more to Matira Beach on the southern tip of Bora Bora than the languid tropical breeze, soft white sand or spectacular sunset. The crystal-clear, calm and warm waters that provides the perfect playing arena for vibrant tropical fish and dolphins is the major attraction of this romantic destination. The island has a unique location in the midst of smaller islands and reefs which creates a protected and shallow lagoon where one can indulge in swimming and snorkelling among other popular water activities. Be it for a day or for an entire year of leisurely pleasure with your new spouse by your side, the ambience of Matira Beach can be rivalled by none.

3. Santa Barbara, California:

America boasts of some of the finest and most romantic beaches in the world. So for those in search of some uninterrupted beauty and romance, they need not look far beyond the borders. Plush art, nature’s elegance, glorious beaches and a perfect climate combine to form the ideal lure for couples. Couples can take a room at one of the oceanfront Mediterranean-style villas, slip into their bathing suits and head for the beach. There is also the option of wandering through the lush botanical gardens or hiking the trail to Los Padres National Forest. A stopover at the Japanese teahouse is recommended as one is bound to feel good at the place, thanks partly to the warmth of the sun available round the year.

4. Port Townsend, Washington:

An artsy enclave serving as the gateway to the wilderness that is Olympic National Park, Port Townsend also boasts a lovely downtown from the Victorian era. Renowned as the City of Dreams, this place has earned a reputation of being dreamy with its yacht-dotted harbor, seafood eateries cluttering the waterfront and chic boutiques. Exploring the wilderness and surrounding beaches on foot is the most fascinating experience. A five-mile-long hike to the Dungeness Lighthouse and Dungeness Spit offers further solitude.

5. St.Simon’s Island, Georgia:

World travel agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - St.Simon's Island Romantic Beaches in The World

A weekend spent at the St.Simon’s islands, which is the largest among the Golden Isles in the county gives the most apt feeling of an unspoiled hideout in the Deep South along the Atlantic Coast. The couples can base themselves at the St.Simon’s Inn located just a block from the waters with rooms that overlook a historic lighthouse. There are a couple of pristine white-sand beaches on the island that provide an excellent romantic setting while the more active ones can look forward to enjoyment on the tennis courts, golf courses and a trolley tour that takes visitors around the ruins of a plantation on the island.

Beaches are where the romance truly unfolds: Spend a weekend at the beach and rev up your romantic relationship. Spend a blissful day lazing under the sun on the surf and sand while you can enjoy the nights holed up in a plush room with your better half. Romance is what abounds in and links these aforementioned destinations where the backdrop of the beach coupled with various amenities and luxuries makes for the perfect setting that allows you to get down to fine-tuning your wooing skills.


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Author: Shawn Leers

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