The 5 Safest Countries To Travel With Family

The importance of safety: In the present global scenario, safety is of the utmost concern in the minds of all individuals. It seems as if violence, drugs and terrorist attacks are lurking around every corner. The alarmingly high crime rates in some countries bear testimony to the same and tourists seem to bear the brunt of all this wrongdoing. So when it comes to looking for a safe place where you can spend an enjoyable holiday with your family, would it not be heartening to know that when you step out on to the street, you need not be unduly bothered about your or your family’s safety?

Best five countries for a safe travel: There are far more safe countries in the world than one is ever likely to realize. Here, we take a look at five of the safest countries in the world to travel with family and the attractions and activities that you may pursue during the course of your stay.

1. Slovenia

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Considering its tumultuous past, it may come as a little surprise to see this nation feature in the list. Nevertheless, Slovenia from the former Yugoslav republic has experienced a smooth transition into the world post the Yugoslav civil war and Communist era. A tiny mountainous country surrounded by the likes of Hungary, Croatia, Austria and Italy, Slovenia has a long standing history of being dominated by foreign powers. While it is at little risk from terrorism and has negligible levels of violent criminal activities, the great skiing resorts and picturesque Alpine valleys makes Slovenia a hidden gem among popular tourist destinations in the continent.(image by Phil Hollman).

2. Sweden

In keeping trend with the Volvo’s manufactured in the country, the safety of Sweden as a tourist destination is unquestionable. Although a major exporter of weapons, the fact that Sweden is a peace-loving nation makes it as safe as a country can possibly hope to be. Attractive and trendy cities such as Gothenburg and Stockholm aside, the pristine forests and lakes are also major attractions for tourists. Civil liberties, political participation, respect for human rights and low levels of violent crime are some aspects which further contribute to Sweden’s position as a safe nation to travel with family.

3. Norway

One of the ancestral homes of the Viking warriors, the present Norwegian kingdom is a nation boasting prosperity, wealth and most importantly safety. Moreover, the colorful fishing villages and breathtaking mountain fjords further contribute to this nation being heralded as a major tourist destination in the world. In keeping with the nature of all nations in the Scandinavian region, Norway boasts of low crime rates, cultural and religious tolerance, personal freedoms and a commendable respect for human rights. Although a combatant in the US-led Afghan war, the nation is not considered a potential target for terror attacks.

4.New Zealand

A country popularly known as the “Land of The Long White Cloud”, New Zealand offers some of the most breathtaking icy glaciers, rolling green hills and impressive mountains as attractions for its tourists. The thriving aboriginal community of the Maoris are actively involved in all facets of society while the country also features some of the most modern and multicultural cities in Wellington and Auckland. Add to that, New Zealand is a paradise for the adventurous people and outdoor enthusiasts. Low risk of internal conflicts and political instability, welcoming attitude towards foreigners and a high respect for human rights among the Kiwi society add up towards making New Zealand one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

5. Japan

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The “Land of The Rising Sun” is a painfully polite nation boasting futuristic neon cities and ancient temples. Japan is a tourist destination where “serene” and “hectic” get pronounced under the same breath. The local rendition of traditional western pop culture by local youth has given an altogether different feel to it. The nation boasts of extremely strict laws pertaining to the usage of firearms and also witnesses low levels of violent criminal activity. When compared to figures from industrialized nations in the west, robbery seems like a non-existent activity in Japan although there has been criticism over misappropriation of statistics from global watchdog groups.(image by Kevin).

Conclusion: The future as we all know is extremely unpredictable and the basic definition of travel involves a high magnitude of risk. Such factors may include highly probable events such as getting pick-pocketed in a bus or remotely possible event such as an air crash in the Andes. A visit to the safest nations in the world does not, in any way, guarantee an uneventful experience. As in life, no one can ever provide you with a guarantee in travel. So pack your belonging and head out on a vacation with your family for in all countries, safe or not, there are new friends to be made and adventures to be experienced. Who knows, there may just be a life-changing experience for you to make the most of!


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Author: Shawn Leers

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