The Best Boutique Business Hotels Around the World

You would not like to design your home around your laptop-would you? Then why would you choose to stay in an accommodation facility that just lives up to your discerning business travel needs and fails to offer the best creature comforts? Read on for a quick look into some of the most popular and well equipped luxury hotels that promise to take away your travel stresses and convert your business trip into a holiday.

Setting unconceivable standards for boutique living across the world, these “business hotels” are a far cry from miniscule lodgings, terrible aesthetics, vile furniture, non-functionality and poor services that offer you the highest levels of warmth, beauty and character. Read on for a quick look into some of the best accommodation for frequent fliers and business clients alike.

The Mercer Hotel, New York

Well, very few hotels in the world are better than this city hotel in New York. Defined by gorgeous décor, fabulous food, extraordinary service and very large rooms,  The Mercer Hotel is every traveler’s dream. Its lobby is greatly photographed but truly understated while its many eateries provide the perfect ambience for an exuberant dinner or a hurried working lunch. If you are looking for a Loft Studio for your stay, then 507 is certainly brilliant!

Park Hyatt, Tokyo

If this place can befit the likes of Scarlett Johansson, then it’s certainly good enough for you! This towering masterpiece dominates the cityscape and is the perfect retreat after a mind-boggling day at work. Along with its world-class swimming pool, benchmarked services and well appointed rooms, the hotel is known for its super-hip swimming pool/spa situated on the 53rd floor-in a word, it is “breathtaking”!  The highlight of Park Hyatt is its Diplomatic Suite-complete with a personal library, well stocked dining room and grand piano, this facility is a stunning way to wow your clients. (image by pjen).

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Widder Hotel, Zurich

Widder Hotel is an extraordinary project that took five long years to open its gates to some of the most revered client lists in the world. this ultimate Swiss lodging facility is a mesh of eight immaculately re-constructed and restored townhouses. The 42 rooms of this specialized business hotel are all different in essence and aesthetic values alike and boast of spectacular interiors, historic designs, state-of-the-art amenities and more. And yes, it is dog-friendly too, so you can think of bringing along your poodle when you are in Zurich.

Sukhothai, Bangkok

“An oasis of peace and tranquility”-these are the words that best describe the general ambience of Sukhothai in Bangkok. This distinguished venue makes you forget the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and lures you with its beautifully sculpted grounds, relaxed moments of lounging by its swimming  pool and well laid out one-bedroom apartments alike. A favorite amongst those who fancy luxury and their own space and are really not bothered about the bills.(image by Sheraton Hotels and Resorts).

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Murano Urban Resort, Paris

Murano Urban Resort”– boutique” in every sense of the word, Murano is far ahead of its competitors-and for reasons that are more than one! The resort’s restaurant  boasts of hanging stalactites hanging that look as stunning as the stars and celebrities dining within. A grand swimming pool, spa, conferencing facilities, rooms that open only with your fingerprints…. Are you still asking for more?

These wonderful staying facilities are comfortable beyond compare and are your best address on a business trip. Book today!


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Author: Shawn Leers

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