The Great Family Leisure Destination, Florence

Florence, Italy is one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Your family will enjoy breath-taking views ranging from the renaissance sculptures, numerous historical sites, a beautiful town-scape to the mysterious dome on Florence cathedral. Do not forget to pack the ‘Brunelleschi’s done’, a magnificent book that tales it all. It being a cultural center of Italy, youwill definitely enjoy your time in the museums, the art and architecture, best foods and a healthy atmosphere. Accommodation in Florence is just superb.

Piazza Della signoria and Palazzo Vecchio 

This forms the epitome of Italy’s rich History and culture. You will see the open-air sculptures including a copy of Michelangelo’s David statues in Loggia della signoria. The historical palazzo Vecchio and the town hall (which describes Florence as a political center) are found here. You will enjoy well-prepared foods in the best restaurants and cafes around the piazza.(image by Ethan Lin)

World Travel Agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Piazza Della signoria Great Family Leisure Destination, Florence

IL Duomo-Cattedrate de Santa Maria Del Flore

Also called the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the best site in Florence. The big Duomo that can swallow about 20000 people was started in 1296 and consecrated in 1436. It is beautiful with the pinkish, white and green marbles. Climbing to the top via the 463 steps is one thing you will not fail to do once here

The Baptistery 

It forms part of the oldest buildings in Florence. You have always read about John the Baptist in the Bible, at Baptistery, you will come close to that reality. The green and white marbles that was used to make its exterior makes the whole building extremely attractive.

Galleria museum is rich with Renaissance materials with paintings ranging from the medieval to modern times. It is one of the most crowded museums. Galleria dell’ Academia carries the history of Italy from the 13th to 16th century. The museum has the most famous sculpture –michelangelo’s David- in the world.

Companile-Bell Tower and Ponte Vecchio

Climbing the 414 stairs will give you a great view of the cathedral (dome), the whole city and its environs. You will see the best architectural designs in the world. Ponte Vacchio is a bridge, which traces its history to 1345 as the first bridge ever in Florence Italy. All the other bridges built during the same period were destroyed during the Second World War. It will give you a great view of the Arno River.(image by Gemma Grau)

World Travel Agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Ponte Vecchio Great Family Leisure Destination, Florence

Boblo Garden and Pitti Palace

It is a sizable park on a hillside. It is near the Ponte vecchio and the Pitti palace. The galleries are rich with jewelries, art and costumes. Your eyes will meet attractive gardens and fountains. You will find the best accommodation in Florence since its full of the best apartments.

Accommodation in Florence is superb with the numerous five star hotels available. Never worry about where to stay in Florence. Hotel ll Salvitiono for example, sits on the slope of fiasole hill. It gives you an elegant view of the riches of Florence and has very beautiful gardens. The hotel dates back to the medieval ages. Other hotels include Relais Santa Croce, JK Place Florence, Lungarno Suites Florence, Hotel Lungarno which gives you the beautiful view of the river and the city. It is important to book accommodation in advance for better service. Florence is a busy city and sometimes crowded by tourists. to avoid missing accommodation, book in advance.


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