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Maldives is one of the countries with the most beautiful and romantic beaches in the world. Its white sand shores, heart melting sunsets, and warm breeze will surely capture your soul. However, as climate changes and global warming are happening these past years until now, Maldives islands are threatened to disappear one by one. There are about more than a thousand islands in Maldives, but due to its tiny land mass of sand and corals, some of the small islands have now been entirely covered by water when the sea water rises. So, visit these lovely islands today and experience the magical pleasure that these islands bring. Here are the most visited Maldives islands today that you should never miss to go to.

1. Alimatha Island at the Vaavu Atoll

This amazing tropical island is located on the eastern part of Maldives group of islands. This island offers one of the most luxurious beach life for the tourists. If you want to experience the best and comfortable life on the beach, you should go to this place. It has a complete Maldivian facilities with great diving spots and world-class water activities right on this island’s crystal clear beaches. This island and resort is one of the most visited islands in Maldives, because it caters to the needs and desires of tourists for luxury, comfort, and great experiences.

2. Kuredu Island Resort in Lhaviyani Atoll

This island resort is so famous and well-visited by tourists from around the world, because of its natural beauty and its wide range of accommodations to choose from. Kuredu Island Resort is one of the large islands in Maldives that is home to lots of restaurants, bars, and shops around the island. Kuredu also has the first golf course in Maldives, where both locals and tourists enjoy. You can also have the most awesome experience in snorkeling, diving, fishing, and have the most peaceful sun-bathing moment on the white beaches. World Travel Agency holiday vacation blog family - The Most Visited Island in the Maldives
3. Sun Island Resort and Spa in South Ari Atoll

This is yet another great island to visit in Maldives. If you want the most luxurious lodging experience in Maldives, you definitely have to book in this island resort. They offer modern facilities in the Maldivian way of life that you will surely appreciate and remember in your whole life. You will see some of the exotic flowers and greenery that this humble but exciting country brings to their visitors. This island also feature one of the best lagoons that you will ever see in your life.

These are only three of the most visited islands in Maldives. There are actually more, but you will only discover the best view, the awesome island experiences, and the memories to capture when you visit Maldives. You can bask in the sun and watch the stunning sunset on these world-class and famous resorts. If you have plans to visit Maldives on your next trip, make sure that you book a resort ahead and know a little information about the place. These island resorts are the most visited islands by tourists all around the world, so it’s wise to make reservations as early as possible. There are many ways to book, through an agency, online, or by phone. Don’t miss any chance to enjoy what Maldives’ beautiful islands can give to.


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