The Wonder of Lake Titicaca – South America

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Lake Titicaca, which is the largest lake in South America, is not only one of the naturally occurring wonders in this country but also one of the most spectacular in the world. This lake is 3,809 meters or 12,397 feet above sea level and in effect, it ranks as the highest commercially navigable water body in the world. 

World Travel Agency Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Rurrenabaque. Bolivia
Rurrenabaque. Bolivia

Millions of people from all parts of world mainly go to Lake Titicaca in order to witness its beauty and enormity as well as to visit its numerous handmade and natural islands, which have been home to many inhabitants for many years. This lake, whose surreal beauty attracts visitors from nearby cities and countries as well as from those that are far away on a continuous basis, has been the subject of many legends and myths that have been there since the pre-Inca times thanks to its deep blue depths. Many people consider it one of the top ranking tourist destinations in South America because of the aforementioned reasons.

Lake Titicaca is strategically located at the border between Bolivia and Peru, both of which are a major attraction for travelers who go there each year. Peru has become one of the most popular South American countries for visitors thanks to the Machu Picchu and Inca Trail. Bolivia is also a robust choice for Bolivia tours because it is not only home to the spectacular Uyuni Salt Flats but it also allows visitors to reach the Amazon jungle by going through Rurrenabaque. Bolivia, which has high altitude cities like La Paz is also as fascinating as Peru. Lake Titicaca, which has numerous attractions for travelers who are curious by nature on both the Bolivia and Peru sides, serves as a natural transition point for those who want to visit these two countries.
Visitors who come from Arequipa or Cusco usually arrive at Lake Titicaca if they want to travel in Peru. The shores of this lake are home to Puno, which is the largest city in Peru. Most travelers who go to Puno do not consider it the most exciting as compared to all the other travel destinations in Peru. However, Puno has a strong defense especially during specific times of the year such as in February when costumed revelers who participate in the Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria festival fill its streets.
World Travel Agency Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Isla del Sol - South America
Isla del Sol


The Lake Titicaca islands, which include Amantani, Uros, and Taquile, are a major attraction for most travelers. Although accommodations on some of these islands are rustic, travelers can visit them when they are traveling during the day from Puno. These islands allow visitors to stay at home with the local families. Isla del Sol, which is easy to access from Copacabana town, is the perfect choice for travelers who want to explore Lake Titicaca further if they are coming from the Bolivia side. This island, which is home to the pre- Inca and Inca ruins such as the labyrinthine Chicana and Sacred Rock, has many rocks and hills but does not have paved roads or motor vehicles.
People who want to visit Lake Titicaca should ensure that they enjoy visiting all the aforementioned islands if they want their overseas experience or holiday to South America to be truly memorable.

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