Top 10 Great Attractions In Barcelona, Spain

As you may already know, Barcelona is a popular holiday location and it is no wonder that with such weather you will be able to find eight to nine months of clear sunshine. You are virtually guaranteed to find great climatic conditions. Add miles of beaches, soccer meccas, and world-class cuisine such as tapas coupled with music such as flamenco along with countless other attractions. In order to enjoy each attraction to the fullest I will mention 10 great places or spots you will be able to find in Barcelona next:

10 Great Attractions In Barcelona are : 

1. Sagrada Familia

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It is no wonder that each city has its own main attraction and in the case of Barcelona you will be able to find the “Holy Family” cathedral is its central spot. With more than two million visits per year it stands as a marvel of engineering and a soon-to-be-finished marvel of architecture.(image by Adrian Daniel Popescu).

2. L’Aquarium De Barcelona

With almost one and a half million visits a year this attraction is a fantastic location to bring your kids so they can spend an entertaining and educational time. It is known for its moving walkway surrounded by a glass tunnel where sharks and sting-rays pass by your side.

3. Poble Espanyol de Montjuic

Just like with the last attraction, this location in Barcelona is visited almost two million times a year and it is no wonder that with different streets depicting different architecture styles found across Spain your eyes and palate will feast by sightseeing and walking through the many clubs and restaurants.

4. La Pedrera – Casa Mila

With more than one million visits per year this unique building was designed by Gaudi and has the nickname of “The Stone quarry” because of its facade. Inside you will be able to find many areas of cultural interest and a view to Paseo de García, one of the most elegant streets in the city.

5. The Harbor Front

There are just a few places in the world where you will be able to feel the magic created in this location. This attraction or marina area in Barcelona is a great place to hang out or take a stroll where you will be near to the center of the city. It is worth mentioning you will be able to visit a 3D cinema along with great variety of quality restaurants.

6. Adventure sports

You will realize that Barcelona is itself an attraction to sports lovers since kayaking, hot air ballooning, dragon boat racing are within a hand’s reach.

7. Barcelona FC Museum

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The Catalan Club can be considered as an institution and you will be able to find Barcelonans are really passionate about their soccer.(image by Abir Anwar).

8. Barcelona Zoo

In this location the only albino Gorilla was housed, its name was Snowflake but even though it is no longer with us the zoo is a big place and a perfect attraction to visit on a sunny day.

9. The Miró Museum

With up to half a million visits a year you will be able to find it up on Monjuic Mountain. This Catalan artist’s work will be presented to you under the best light.

10. National Museum of Art of Catalunya

This huge installation at the palace of Plaza España is above the Magic Fountains and you will find it is extensive enough to deserve a repeat visit.

As you can see in this list of 10 Great attractions in Barcelona, Spain will make you take the most of your visit to this unique and special city. From culture, art, music and friendship to sightseeing, cuisine and architecture, each location will bring its magic forward.

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Feature image by Stefan Tärnell

Author: Shawn Leers

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