Top 5 Best Budget Hotels To Stay In Singapore

Singapore has made itself a special mark in the global tourism. Find some of the best hotels to have a rest after a long day of exploration and socialization. Singapore is one of the safest cities to travel. If you are traveling to Singapore here are the top 5 best budget hotels in Singapore to stay, they are affordable, amenities, location, access and provides the peace of mind one needs.

Shangri La Hotel

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This facility provides a peaceful resort vacation, keeping of the Orchard Road district. This place offers a mix of pleasure and business. This hotel is classified as a first class hotel yet the pricing is very friendly and nowhere close to a five star hotel stature it boasts of. Some of the amenities Shangri La Hotel offers to the visitors include green landscape, beautiful gardens, lush surrounded free-form pool, has 750 guest rooms ranging from modest dwellings to impressive suites.(image by Luxorium luxury).

Swissotel Merchant Court

This hotel is located between Singapore River Banks and Merchant Road. Another classy but with affordable budget. This huge hotel is suitable for both a vacationer and a business traveler. It has most of the modern amenities installed within. The Swissotel Merchant Court has custom services for babysitting/child care giving the mothers a chance to explore without having to bother about the safety of their little ones.

Ritz Carlton Millenia

Travel and Leisure in 2013 chose Singapore Ritz Carlton to have the best rooms globally. The hotel has an amazing interior and exterior décor. Visitors get everything they would have dreamt of in a hotel. If you are bringing your date for an outing, then Ritz will be a perfect choice to have wonderful together. Professional customer service and excellent environment.

Raffles the Plaza

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Raffles the Plaza is a must visit for all Singapore travelers. You will be amazed at the facilities and amenities offered by this five star hotel. The food here is yummy, perfect customer service, and a true vacation place for the family. Raffles the Plaza location was perfectly chosen and well done, offers a very beautiful scenery and peaceful environment.(image by bennychun).

It has big accommodations offers, nicely done rooms, modern amenities and a cool environment. The management also organizes events for the visitors helping to pass away the time. You will also find a spa for body relaxation and gym for toning the muscles during the vacations.

Banyan Tree Bintan

Just like the name, Banyan Tree Bintan is a unique hotel setting. The amenities here are unrivaled ranging from sea exploration to tropical Islands. A great opportunity to explore outdoors. Banyan is famous for its beautiful scenes and numerous activities made available for both children and adults. The children also get to play with others at the Kids Club.

These are the top 5 best budget hotels in Singapore to stay. The list is filtered from a wide choice of hotels and resorts to come up with some of the best hotels in Singapore yet affordable to the majority. The main factors used to settle on the five hotels include affordable, amenities, location, access and the budget. Make your reservations and have a peaceful rest at Singapore in one of these hotels.

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Author: Shawn Leers

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