Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and a wonderful city in Central Europe that attracts many tourists every year especially with its amazing historic landmarks. The Prague’s tourist attractions are matching a large range of interests and tastes and it is certain that every visitor will enjoy a memorable time in this great European city. The top five tourist attractions in Prague that should not be missed are: the Old Town Hall and the Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castel, the Church of St. N Nicholas, and the Powder Tower.

Old Town Square – The Old Town Hall

The Old Tower of Prague was built in the year 1338. A part of the internal areas of the town have no public access but the Old Tower itself offers a stunning view from outside. The most popular architectonic elements of the Old Tower are the tower viewing gallery, the Calendarium and the Astronomical Clock. On the top of the tower you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the city across to the St. Nicholas Church, the Church of Our Lady Tyn, the Old Town, and the Jan Hus monument.

Charles Bridge

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The Charles Bridge was originally a wooden structure and it was replaced later by a stone structure named Judith Bridge. After flood damage the bridge was repaired and renamed in honor of the king Charles IV. The bridge features thirty statues of saints. The Charles Bridge can be seen closer if you take a river tour or you hire a peddalo or a row boat. There are also many good restaurants close by, on both sides of the river, where you can enjoy the bridge view while you try the traditional Czech plates.(image by zajo18).

Prague Castle – Old Royal Palace

The Royal Palace or Prague Castle is close to the All Saint Church. The castle was built in late 9th century from wood and was transformed in a stone building in the 12th century. In the 15th century it was rebuilt and the Vladislav Hall in Gothic style combined with Renaissance style was also added to the complex. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Prague and of the exterior garden from the observation gallery of the Vladislav Hall.

Church of St Nicholas

The Church of St Nicholas is another top historic monument in Prague. The church was built in Baroque style. The works started in the year 1673 and took one hundred years to complete. Tourists can enjoy its music venue and its architecture and art.

The Powder Tower

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The Powder Tower is one of the 13 gates around Prague and it is the main gate to the Old Town. The Powder Tower is built in the Gothic style. The construction of this oldest gate of the city was started in the year 1475. Gun powder is stored inside the tower, from where it got its name.(image by Uncornered Market).

The city offers history, entertainment, excitement and exquisite architecture in a package without rival. Any trip to Prague should include these five top attractions of the European city. They are a true expression of the historic past of Prague and will charm you with their beauty, elegance and style.


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Feature image by  Patrik Bergström

Author: Shawn Leers

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  1. So much amazing history and architecture to admire in Prague. One of the most fascinating cities I have ever visited. It’s definitely worth planning out your trip well to make sure that you see all of the best places and eat well while you are there. I used the interactive Prague guide which was written by locals and covers just about everything you need to know for a wonderful visit. Highly recommended.

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  2. I agree that these attractions are “musts” in Prague and should not be missed , but Prague has much more to offer.

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