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France is one of the world’s top tourist destinations for spending a memorable Vacation in France. It has everything from tourist sites to some of the greatest beaches in Europe. It has some of the highest mountains and the most beautiful cities. The countryside is idyllic and tourists can spend hours wandering round the many magnificent castles. France also boasts some of the finest restaurants and award winning wines.

France has something for everyone. Whether it’s a family beach holiday, a sightseeing holiday or a romantic getaway – France can offer it all. A Vacation in France can be great & lifetime experience with your partner, family or friends. You can also make your trip even more exciting by choosing the customized theme country tours or France Travel packages.

1. The Eiffel Tower, Paris

This has been a landmark of France all over the world; by looking at the picture of Eiffel Tower everyone recognize France easily. This iconic place is still considered the wonder of the world. A perfect place to visit in Paris which cherish the beauty of the city.

2. Notre Dame, Paris

World travel agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Notre Dame, Paris

For all heritage site lovers this is the best place to visit and stay there for hours to appreciate its beauty. This wonderful place is situated at the bank of the Seine. Some people says this is ugly site to visit however this is a tourist attraction and not at all an ugly site to visit, in fact this is one of the eye catcher site in France.(image by fantomavis).
This cannot be missed out as this is a beautiful piece of Gothic artistic construction.

3. The Louvre, Paris

This is the best museum ever in entire Europe; Louvre Palace was started in 12th century under Phillip second. Since then this has seen many changes in the generation and still provide a space to all artists to visit and see the legendary art worked done by millennium artists of the century. You will find more than 35,000 art pieces here, from historic antique items to modern art. A modern pyramid is also established here to add value to this wonderful place and a good reason to visit this place for all visitors.

4. Palace of Versailles, Versailles

This is the ultimate way of experience the life of King and Queen of France. You can spend your day there and observe the beauty and legend art work or mirrors around. Gardens are in surrounding of this palace make this palace a finest tourist place for all.

5. The City of Lyon – The Capital of Gastronomy

This is also a most popular part of Central Eastern part of France. This the place responsible for the best cuisine style generation in France and that has spread over around Europe. Lyon is famous of its cuisine styles and renowned as training hub for Haute cuisine. You find all new and old fantastic dishes coming our here. If want to maintain your figure then, this is a dangerous place for you, so try to avoid good food smell.

6. Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

Located in the highest point of Paris on the Montmartre knoll, the clearly identifiable white dome of Sacre Coeur is a basilica sanctified in 1909. It is well known for its brash gold mosaic interiors and for its spectacular terrace wherein you can have a sweeping view of Paris on a clear day.

Montmartre on the other hand is a neighborhood located at the summit of Paris and is one of the city’s most poetry-drenched spots. The hidden gardens, vineyards, narrow, steep cobblestone-paved streets and cemeteries show was a hub for artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali amongst other writers and artists who serve this place as their inspiration.

7. Notre Dame Cathedral

Considered as the most famous and stunning gothic cathedral in the world, Notre Dame Cathedral was the center of medieval Paris. After a period of neglect, it was recaptured and made famous again by 19th century writer Victor Hugo when he immortalized it in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

8. Boat Tour of the Seine River

World travel agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Boat Tour of the Seine River Paris

To help you familiarize yourself on Paris’ different scenery, a boat tour of the Seine River is an ideal and romantic way to do it where you’ll pass by some of the historical buildings and stunning architectural structure like the ones mentioned above. (image by DANIEL JULIE).

The best time to have a boat tour is between May and mid-September when skies tend to be clearer and temperature is normally warm. Some companies even offer an evening tour for a more romantic tour complete with narration and wine and dine.

9. Pére Lachaise Cemetery

Far from being creepy, visiting the Pere Lachaise Cemetery is an interesting tour as countless famous figures are buried here. Hidden in the Northeastern corner of Paris, the cemetery is kindly called “the city of dead.”

The thousands of trees, rolling hills, winding paths with carefully plotted “street” names, and intricate mausoleums and tombs makes it easy to see why Pere-Lachaise is considered Paris’ most compellingly beautiful place of rest. Moreover, numerous great figures have their resting place here which includes Proust, Colette, Jim Morrison, and Chopin among others.

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