Traveling Abroad? Use these Safety Travel Tips

Planning you get your passport stamped yet again? Wherever you’re heading, these safety tips will surely come in handy—especially if you are travelling during peak tourist seasons. As you leave your home, remember that more people than you can ever imagine are also heading for their well deserved holidays –so do not let terrible drivers, invasive security scanners and long lines at airports unnerve you in any manner.

Here are some survival tips during rush holiday travel seasons –without allowing snowman-sized meltdowns in your life.

 Research and More Research

 If hectic traffic is not your scene, then look up other ways of reaching your destination. It’s no point getting overwhelmed on routes that appear to be shorter, but introduce you to hours of vehicular jams, stressed kids and agonizing moments. Instead, look up your road guiding apps or research beforehand –you may find yourself on an alternate route that takes longer, but travels through scenic pit spots and makes you come closer to attractions that you may have otherwise missed. If you are flying, then check upon all the regulations of your carrier—as regards to excess baggage, flight timings, check-in durations and so forth—this will alleviate any unwarranted surprises later on.

Stay connected

Keep more information in your bag than you may ever need. Stocking upon the latest and most versatile travel apps, printing road maps in advance, downloading Google Earth and smart ways of finding your flight status, accommodation availability and other amenities is also advisable. For instance Flight Status offers real-time updates on baggage numbers, delays and more. GasBuddy as well as SitOrSquat provides info on the cheapest gas and cleaner bathrooms on roads. (Image by Kenneth Lu)

Pack light

If you can totally avoid checking in your bags, then you are certainly travelling light. The act ensures no long waits at the jam packed conveyor belts and you need not worry about your dad’s Xmas gift getting lost in an intermittent airport. If you plan to check in your bags, then do remember to keep all the important documents, your regular medicines, a change of clothes and your toiletries in your cabin luggage—just in case you end up losing your stuff. Traveling Abroad Use these Safety Travel Tips - Pack Earplugs

Pack Earplugs

If you really want to escape your stressful and hyped surroundings, then turn the volume down—with your earplugs firmly in place. Say “no” to crying babies in the seats next to you and refrain from any small talk with boring co-passengers, by listening to your favorite tracks that transport you into a more relaxed world. And yes, if you are okay with power naps and love to take those interspersed check-outs after every few hours, then carry your eye mask as well—you will not be disappointed. (Image by Rituparna Choudhury)

Never go Hungry

Remember, every time your tummy turns, your mid stops from thinking straight. Knowingly or unknowingly, you end up falling into the wrong line, upsetting an innocent flight attendant or creating havoc with your travel papers. The mantra is to keep eating small meals and drinking lots of water. And yes, do not rely on in-flight meals alone.

 All the best!


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Featured image courtesy by Ron Huxley

Author: Melissa Larks

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  1. My main safety tip is let at least one trusted person know where you’re going!

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