Traveling from One Point to Another in New York-The Easy Way

New York, a city that awes even the most conditioned travelers with its fast paced life, sky rocketing buildings, heightened urban fervor and a lot more, is one of the most sought after destinations for travelers, businessmen, students and hob seekers alike. This city that seldom sleeps is forever on the move and makes you move from one point to another-with ease.

So, if you are new to New York and have no clue of how to find your way about, then you have little cause to worry. The well maintained and managed public transport facilities of NY have always managed to take care of the traveling needs of its citizens and visitors alike and is affordable, convenient and yes, safer than what you would like to believe. Read on for a closer look into some of the best ways of reaching your destination in time.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

Fondly called the MTA New York City Transit, this inexpensive and environmentally friendly means of communication tops the list of easy commuting facilities in the city. The service operates 24 X 7 and is also accessible to people with hearing, visual and mobility disabilities. If you are still concerned , then reach out for MTA’s accessibility guide, which gives a good idea about the accessible subway stations. A single bus or subway ride costs you $2.75 on an average, while an Express Bus puts you back by $6. You may choose to buy a Single Ride card (that is available from vending machines only), an unlimited Metro Card or pay-per-ride card-take your pick!(image by vincent desjardins).

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The most convenient and affordable way of travelling in and around New York city is by availing a ticket to its public subway train. The subway operates all across the week and 24 hours a day and has a grand network that transports you citywide-as long as you do not attempt to exit this system through one of the associated turnstiles.


If you desire to reach a location that is not located in close vicinity to the Subway, then boarding  a public bus is your next best alternative. Here, a growing number of buses boast of hybrid-electric models and a fast and reliable mode of transport in New York. All the buses plying through the city gladly accept Metro Card or exact coin change-so steer clear of paper money or pennies as they are unacceptable. Before boarding a bus, it is important to check the
Route sign given in front. Buses in NYC usually run  every five to 15 minutes or sometimes at longer intervals-this is dependent on the time of day.

The Roosevelt Island Tram

Just swipe your Metro Card to help Roosevelt Island Tram give you a fabulous aerial view of Midtown East. This popular transportation mode meanders to Roosevelt Island from Second Avenue as well as 59th Street in Manhattan. It takes you halfway across the scenic Queensboro Bridge, from where you can take an elevator to transport you down to the island.(image by alexfringes).

World Travel Agency - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Roosevelt Island Tram Traveling from One Point to Another in New York
Of course, there are plenty of cabs and car rental facilities too. You may choose to see NYC by ferry…. That’s another great way of traveling apart from pedestrian walking or cycling!

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Author: Shawn Leers

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