Vacation in Europe? Here is Where to Stay

Europe is, understandably, high on most travelers ‘must-see’ lists. Whether you’re coming from a different continent or from a neighboring country, the variety of European culture, destinations, history and landscape is all there to explore. Hugely diverse, hugely interesting and, frankly, just huge, it’s difficult to discuss in general terms. Accommodation options are, equally, huge. Right across the continent there are different options available depending on your budget, your location, and your personal preference. Bear in mind that costs and standards will vary country to country but, in general, Eastern Europe is cheaper than Western, and the Scandinavian countries have a reputation for being on the expensive side.
Best Hostels in Europe

At the lower end of the accommodation scale, most parts of Europe are well served by a network of hostels and dormitories. There are independently run hostels, backpacker hostels and those run by bodies such as the Youth Hostel Association. All are reasonably cheap and cheerful, offering beds in shared rooms, shared bathrooms and, normally, a kitchen and lounge where you can prepare and eat meals, relax and meet other travellers. Hostels are great if you’re travelling alone and want to meet people, and there are some real gems available. They’re invaluable if you’re on a budget. A few (mostly city centre ones) will also offer slightly more expensive private rooms, which are sometimes en-suite, and whole dormitories can be booked at once – good for groups travelling together.

Private Apartment In Europe

If you’re a group or family looking for somewhere for a week or so, it’s well worth looking into hiring a holiday cottage or private apartment. From Budapest’s city center to Scotland’s remotest countryside, you should be able to rent accommodation which is self-contained and equipped with everything you need. Many will also allow dogs – great if you’re traveling with the family friend! This can be a very cost-effective option, depending how many are in your party.  Also, if you want to find accommodation in London, apartment is a great option.

If self-catering isn’t your style and you’re after a bit of luxury, then look into the top-end hotels. These will offer restaurants, bars and well-appointed en-suite rooms. Many also have fitness and leisure facilities – ranging from a small gym through to a full-blown spa, swimming-pool, tennis courts and much much more!

Luxury Hotels Europe

Top-class, luxury hotels will certainly pamper you (you won’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to!) and your stay will be a memorable one – but expect to pay handsomely for the luxury. Of course there are plenty of other, cheaper, less luxurious hotels too. Lower and mid-range hotels can be very variable in quality, but expect good, clean en-suite rooms and a bar and/or restaurant. Look out for the various chain hotels which can be found in many different countries. They can be a bit characterless, but they tend to be mid-range price and of consistent, reasonable quality.

Guest Houses Europe

Lying somewhere between hostels and hotels, Europe also has a massive network of guest-houses and bed-and-breakfasts. Known by different names in different countries, the idea is basically the same across the continent. You rent a private room (or, sometimes, a small annex) in someone’s house. Breakfast is normally provided for you, and often evening meals can be also, by prior arrangement. Guest-houses vary from the wonderfully charming to downright grim, but the good ones are really well-worth seeking out. Check previous reviews, or phone and speak to the owners to get a sense of what the place is like. They are often a great way of getting a feel for how a country ‘really’ lives, having more character than hotels and often being more comfortable than hostels. Prices vary, but should be cheaper than hotels.

Europe is generally well equipped with accommodation, so whatever your budget and your particular style, you should be able to find something to suit. Enjoy your exploring!

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  1. When traveling through Europe, I always tend to stay in hostels as hotels are a bit to much for me.

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  4. Europe is a nice place or if you find a villa at here in a reasonable price then your holiday becomes so special or you can also enjoy a lot your holidays..Thanks..!!

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