Want to Tour the Dutch Capital? Welcome to Amsterdam!

In the Western part of Netherlands, is the home of diversity and uniqueness, the capital city Amsterdam. It is and will always be a perfect destination for any tourist. It is home to many tourist attraction sites and places. It is known for its beautiful canals that number up to 165 in total. These well designed and perfectly laid out canals surround the city of Amsterdam and keep the sea in perfect peace. A little insight into Amsterdam will do for any aspiring visitor. The name itself Amsterdam is derived from Amstelredamme, indicative of the city’s origin – a dam in the river Amstel.
So here what you can find in Amsterdam as for food, accommodation, and transportation:

Unique dishes and snacks in Amsterdam
Lets start with the famous and loved Dutch cheese. The natives are very proud and fond of their cheese. It is very delicious and worth a try. You can also take a bite of the Stroopwafel (syrup waffle). They are mostly sold in small corner markets and grocery stores. Also you can try the mouth watering Dutch pancakes (Pannekoeken) which are quite juicy. Do not leave Amsterdam before having a feel of the yummy Flemish fries (vlaamse Frites). These foods are made with some of the most natural, healthy and not to forget, the sweetest spices. one can never get enough of Amsterdam dishes and snacks.

Some of the best eating locations are Amsterdam’s best hotels in the city. For instance L’oliva is the best description of a home of variety and delicacies. It provide diners with a eye catching
display of foods and snacks available. It has a rich menu of dishes and drinks for all types of people. Also there is Beddington’s hotel. For lovers of serenity, here there is a cool ambiance which provides visitors the opportunity to enjoy a sumptuous but quiet meal. There are also De Kas, and New King hotels which offer nothing far from the best of delicacies.
Remember to stay healthy as you travel and especially as you eat.

Some of the best hotels that offer accommodation are Meininger Hotel Amsterdam City West, Hotel CC and Amsterdam American Hotel. These are endowed with modernized and very spectacular facilities. Such facilities include, flat screen TV, free wireless internet and well designed and modernized rooms with quite immaculate decors.

There are also very classy and affordable budget hotels. These include Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam, CitizenM and Hans Brinker Hotel Amsterdam.These are quite affordable yet classy and elegant. You can make your own meals in the common kitchen and have a private bathroom in your own suite. Regardless of all options, online search and booking is always a great idea to find your ideal hotel in Amsterdam.


The city of Amsterdam is quite a compact city and almost everything is in one place. Therefore it always a great idea to walk once you are in town. However in case you have a child or some heavy luggage or you do not fancy the idea of walking, there are many options. Use the public means like the metro, tram and buses. These are quite affordable. Employ the services of a taxi for more convenience. You can also use the canal buses to get around. Cycling is a fantastic way to get around but can be tricky due to lack of proper packing space in town

We cannot overlook the presence of numerous museums in Amsterdam. Visit sites like Joods Historical Museum and Amsterdams Historisch museum and make some amazing discoveries. This is just to mention but a few of the outstanding features of Amsterdam. Come and see for yourself more of this paradise of splendor.

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