What to Expect to Spend on Your Holiday in Singapore

Singapore is a modern, efficient, stylish, clean, well organized, and wealthy country. A city that one can hardly resist visiting over and over again. The city keep changing at a rapid speed that its totally different in the eyes over time. That is, if you visited Singapore this year you should properly come back in the next four years. 

Singapore is a lovely and amazing city, it is a great place in Southeast Asia and have a lots in store to offer you. Note that Singapore is among the most beautiful places in the world. Even flying to the city is a unique one as the Singapore Changi Airport is believed to be the best in the world. Even though it is relatively known for quite being an expensive travel destination, you can still meet a low budget travel and have nothing to fear.

I will provide you a list of travel components with their ranges in price you can come across during your stay.

Flights To Singapore

Flights to Singapore are fair and very affordable. Of course it depends on your departure destination but if you are arriving from Asia, cheap flights on airline such as Air Asia are surprisingly low. Such Low Cost Carriers offer many sales on their websites and it goes as low as $10 for one-way ticket from Kuala Lumpur which is cheaper than taking a bus.


Accommodation in Singapore varies and depends on your taste. If you are looking for something cheap and good enough to sustain you, it’s surely available. There are some excellent four star hotel you could find at the of the cost of those in Europe’s. Various form of accommodation is available ranging from hotels, hostel, inns and condos for rent in Singapore are up for rent for your private use only where you can cook and have full privacy. Accommodation price Ranges From $10 and up.  So you can get a price that fit your budget, either luxury or backpacking you have it. What you have to do is know where to check, Little India and Arab Quarter are where the cheapest places are located and are well cleaned and managed. Shop house just around the corner from the Sultan Mosque also offer cheap accommodation with Air con, spotless showers, and drinkable tap water. Also, hostel offered free breakfast (toast with peanut butter and jam) every morning on the rooftop patio, which saves you some cash.


Moving down to food, food is relatively quite cheap in Singapore, it’s is believed to be an haven of food. Loads of seafood restaurants around that offer wonderful variety of dishes from western, Indian and Asian dishes. Street hawkers are available too selling various delicious food. You would like to have the popular cuisines while in Singapore, few of its is Chilli crab, Laksa, Pophia. So you have different choices to pick from and each prices range from $12 – 150. Beer costs between $5-8

Local Transportation

The local transportation in Singapore is quite excellent. It’s not really necessary to take taxi everywhere because most places are served by either the subway or the bus system. You’ll save money by avoiding taxis most times to consider other medium of transportation and also have much view of the city. Even though taxis are readily available and easy to catch in Singapore. Their are preset prices so you do not have to worry. There is also Singapore mass rapid transit (MRT) which is extremely cheap, and is about $1.50 per ride.Subway cost around $1.10-1.50 while Taxi cost between $3-12.


Singapore nightlife is so great that many tourist like go sightseeing during the night. Apart from this, Singapore houses lots of fun you can imagine, clubs house are readily available for regular bars to strippers club. You can party all night long, no need to worry. Alcohol is quite expensive and if you are a lover of lots of alcohol then you will surely pay much. The average amount you can spend on clubs is $31 but surely increases. I would advise if you are on low budget stay off alcohol.

Also Singapore host many popular international artist who often come touring Asia, and the best place to catch their glimpse is the super club Zouk. This club is often considered part of the best clubs in the world.


No sweat, Singapore have great number of tourist attractions and practically free. Apart from the cinemas and stadiums which cost a few bucks. All of the the following attraction center I will be listening below is free. The Sky Park Entrance, Fort canning park entrance, Sultan Mosque, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Clarke Quay walk, Merlion Park Entrance, Singapore botanic gardens entrance and Raffles hotel entrance. Also visiting during the Chinese new year is one of the glimpse a tourist can never forget. The only place you got to pay for also is the most famous building in Singapore, Sky Park. You got to pay $20 entrance fee to make it to the top of it for beautiful view of the city but you can still view this for free. If you are able to make your way to Building 1, you can view it behind a glass wall or take an elevator from there to the the restaurant which is on top of the building and right outside it is a viewing center which shows you how beautiful Singapore is.

** Please note that all the above mentioned price is for one person.

Above all Singapore offer you a perfect holiday or vacation so don’t be scared away by the expensive stories and believe me Singapore has a lot to offer you. There are various free goodies you will enjoy over there. Like I have said earlier the attraction centers are free but there are more to that, Right from your arrival at the Singapore Changi airport there are lots of free resting place which includes the snooze lounge and a free movie theater that show recent movies. There is also a free tour available which allows you to get the view of the city totally free.

There is also free subway rides available for people before 7:45 am, If you are coming from a late party and you have lost your wallet don’t panic the Singapore MRT is readily available at the subway to convene you to your destinations prior to 7:45 am and is totally free.

So get your plans ready and come for vacation to Singapore this summer for a pleasant experience and surely you won’t regret it.


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